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Friday, January 12, 2024

This 1 rupee coin can get you 1 crore rupees, know how and where this coin will be sold?

1 Rupee Old Coin : If you also have this one rupee coin, then you can earn a huge profit of one crore rupees sitting at home without doing anything. You can earn lakhs and crores by selling this coin online, often you must have heard that people have earned crores by selling old things on the website and have earned huge profits just sitting at home. For your information, let us tell you that when something becomes old then it comes in the antique category. There is a lot of demand for such goods in the international market. Apart from this, a lot of money is also available in it. Today we will tell you through this article how you can sell this coin easily.

Recently some people became millionaires by earning crores of rupees by selling their old coins on the website. These days, a similar opportunity has come for all of you on e-commerce websites. If you too have been collecting coins for a long time, then this is a golden opportunity for you through which you can complete the task of becoming a millionaire by selling your coins.

How much is 1 Rupee Old Coin worth?

On the e-commerce site (Quickr), Queen Victoria's 1962 replica is being sold very fast in the market. This coin is being sold for Rs 1 crore on this website. This coin: This silver coin of one rupee made in 1962 comes in the rare category. By selling which you can earn Rs 1 crore.

How to sell 1 Rupee Old Coin?

If you have such rare coins and want to sell your coins, first of all you have to go to this site and register your account as an online seller. You have to take a clear photo of your coin and upload it. Then you can easily sell the coin as per payment and delivery.

1 Rupee Old Coin can be auctioned here

For auction of old coins and notes, you can check OLX or India Mart online platform. Such old and antique notes are sold here. If you also want to get your coin sapphire here, then you will have to login to this e-commerce website and create your account on the basis of a seller. For auction, you will have to take a clear picture of your coin from your mobile and upload it on this website. By doing this, let us tell you that when your advertisement is published, many people will buy old and antique coins from such website. Keeps searching for things. Where the people who buy your coin start buying it by giving you a fair price. With which you can earn a good amount of money.

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