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Friday, January 12, 2024

1 Rupee Old Note: This note of only one rupee is being sold for so many thousand, you will be shocked to know the price

1 Rupee Old Note: Today we will tell you about a note whose value cannot be estimated easily. Generally people believe that this one rupee note is worth only one rupee but,,,,

Old Note Collection : If you like collecting old notes or coins, then you can convert them into a source of income. Besides, there are some people who enjoy making a collection of old coins and there are many people who keep old coins or notes very carefully. Let us tell you all that in today's time the price of old notes and coins is touching the sky. Let us tell you about such a note whose value is difficult for you to even guess.

Generally people think that the value of this one rupee is only one rupee but they do not know that it comes in the category of antique notes which are worth thousands and lakhs of rupees. If you also have this kind of antique note, then you can become rich by selling it. There is a website online where this note is being sold at a price of lakhs.

You will be surprised to know the value of just one rupee note.

As we all know that the price of old and antique notes is very high, hence on coinbazaar.com the price of a unique note is being quoted as Rs 42 thousand, however this note is available at a discount of Rs 18 thousand, the actual price of this note is It is 60 thousand. There are some people who are buying these notes under discount and selling them at higher prices. You all will be surprised as to how this seemingly simple note can become so expensive. So let us know why the price of this note is so high.

Do you also have 1 Rupee Old Note?

Actually, let us tell you that this note is 30 years old, the serial number of this one rupee note is 786786 and its prefix is ​​56S. It has the signature of the then Finance Secretary S Venkitaramanan. The demand for such fancy serial numbers is very high. People buy such serial numbers immediately. Those who have notes with such antique numbers can register on the online website. You can easily sell your notes by making them at a high price. Please inform everyone that even though today's notes are not so fashionable, their price is still so high. On many websites these notes are sold on auction basis. After having sapphire, you can easily become rich with the value of this note.

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