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Saturday, January 20, 2024

These symptoms are visible during pregnancy, bad cholesterol has increased a lot, heart attack may occur.

Many problems increase in women during pregnancy, diabetes bothers some, blood pressure bothers others, one such problem is cholesterol, the increase of which increases the risk of heart attack during pregnancy, hence keep cholesterol under control during pregnancy. It is very important, let us know how to protect ourselves.

The journey of pregnancy is memorable and beautiful for every woman, but it also has many ups and downs, from diabetes, blood pressure, many women also suffer from cholesterol problems during this period, in such a situation, blood pressure and cholesterol increase. It can prove dangerous during pregnancy, which can increase the risk of a woman having a heart attack. Therefore, during pregnancy, diet should be taken as per the doctor's advice and one should also take a walk daily so that the risk of cholesterol can be reduced.

If we talk about the symptoms of increased cholesterol during pregnancy, they include-

- Chest pain

– Feeling like vomiting again and again

– feeling extremely tired

– Fatigue not reducing even after rest

– Symptoms like increased blood pressure are seen during pregnancy.

two types of cholesterol

There are two types of cholesterol, one is good and the other is bad cholesterol. But the problem occurs only when bad cholesterol increases. Because it is more dangerous for heart health.

Therefore, if you have had cholesterol problems before pregnancy, then it is important to monitor cholesterol during pregnancy also. If bad cholesterol exceeds 100 mg/dl then it is not a good sign. In such a situation, you must consult a doctor and take medicines for cholesterol.

protect yourself like this

To reduce cholesterol, first of all you need to take more care of your food and drink.

– For this, consume fruits, vegetables, whole grains, curd, eggs and milk, reduce the amount of saturated and trans fat in your food.

– For this, do not eat junk food from outside, take care of your diet during pregnancy.

– Follow the diet prescribed by the doctor only

– Do not take stress at all.

– Take a walk for half an hour daily.

– Keep monitoring cholesterol from time to time.

– To reduce cholesterol, take medicines prescribed by the doctor on time.

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