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Saturday, January 20, 2024

Stomach flu cases are increasing in winter, have you also had these symptoms?

Stomach flu cases are mostly seen in summers and rains, but its cases are also seen in winters, in which symptoms ranging from stomach ache to vomiting are seen, hence it is important to pay attention to these symptoms and get timely treatment otherwise. This disease can increase further. Let us know about it.

If you suddenly feel a lot of pain in your stomach and are troubled by diarrhea and vomiting, then do not ignore it at all because it can also be stomach flu caused due to changing weather and wrong eating habits, although it is not very serious but with time. But if left untreated, this problem can increase and cause more trouble.

what is stomach flu

Stomach flu is a problem caused by any infection or inflammation in the digestive system. Stomach flu can usually be caused by some virus, bacteria or infection, although it is not a very serious and scary condition, but it is very important to pay attention to it, otherwise problems like weakness may occur.

Why does stomach flu occur?

These stomach related problems can occur due to improper eating habits or eating contaminated food and drinks. In this, there are complaints of stomach cramps, diarrhea and vomiting. Viruses like norovirus, rotavirus, astrovirus often enter the body through contaminated food and water and start spreading infection. Its effect is more visible on people with low immunity. Which includes elderly and pregnant women.

When does this disease spread?

Generally, stomach flu spreads more during summer and rainy season because in this season, bacteria start growing automatically due to heat, humidity and moisture. In this season, there is a greater fear of fruits and vegetables getting spoiled, while flies and mosquitoes spread these bacteria from one place to another.

Stomach Flu Symptoms

– loss of appetite

– having stomach ache

– diarrhea

– nausea

– Frequent vomiting or feeling

– feeling cold or shivering

– body pain

- sweating profusely

prevention methods

Stomach flu is spread by virus infection

– Therefore do not use open things

– Take special care of cleanliness

– drink plenty of water

– Drink fresh fruit juice, lemon water, coconut water, sattu

– If any kind of symptoms appear, definitely consult a doctor.

– To avoid weakness in the body, take a light diet in which you can eat khichdi, porridge, oats.

– If you are feeling extremely weak then take proper rest, do not get tired unnecessarily.

– Take medicines on time.

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