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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

These own mistakes make your face dark, get glowing skin like this

Everyone likes a bright and glowing face, but sometimes suddenly the skin color starts getting dark and the skin starts looking dull. There could be some mistakes of one's own behind this.

Everyone wants to have glowing and glowing skin, but sometimes skin problems start increasing and suddenly the complexion starts appearing dull. There could be many reasons behind this, including pollution. The glowing or dullness of your skin depends on what kind of skin routine you are following. Due to some mistakes made in daily routine, the skin color starts darkening and the face appears lifeless.

From eating habits to exercise, all your daily routine activities affect your health as well as your skin. To keep the face glowing and bright, it is important to keep some things in mind. Let us know due to which mistakes the color of the face and lips starts darkening.

Use of excessive cosmetic products

Many types of chemicals are used in cosmetic products and if you use heavy makeup in your daily routine or your makeup is not of good quality then it harms your skin. Due to which the complexion of the face starts fading and pigmentation and dark spots also start increasing. Similarly, if you do not use good quality lipstick, then due to the chemicals present in it, not only the lips may turn black but it can also cause allergies.

prolonged sun exposure and skipping sunscreen

People enjoy sunshine for a long time during winter. If you sit in strong sunlight, your skin tone starts darkening. At the same time, if you do not use sunscreen, it has an even worse effect on your skin. This not only darkens the complexion, but can also cause problems like fine lines and premature wrinkles. Therefore, sunscreen must be applied before going in the sun.

take a hot bath

During winter, most people like to take bath with hot water. It has its advantages and disadvantages also. Bathing with hot water for too long can increase the problem of dryness in your skin and due to this the complexion of the skin starts fading. Therefore, for bathing, take water so hot that it is felt only lukewarm on the skin.

not drinking water

Due to not drinking enough water, the skin becomes dehydrated and due to this you may have skin related problems, due to which your skin starts losing its glow and the face looks lifeless. Therefore, if you want to keep your skin and entire body healthy, drink plenty of water.

Bad diet also has a bad effect on the skin.

Due to the spoiled lifestyle, eating habits have become very bad and most of the people do not take a balanced diet. Not only does it have a bad effect on your health, but due to lack of nutrients, the complexion of your skin can also become dark and apart from this, many skin problems can also occur. For a fair and glowing face, it is very important to include green vegetables as well as fruits and dry fruits and nuts in the diet.

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