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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Parents must pay attention to these special things for better development of the child.

Nowadays children spend most of their time using mobile phones. Excessive use of phone and not doing any activity can affect their growth and health. Therefore, keep these things in mind for the physical and mental health of the child.

Nowadays, there has been a change in the lifestyle of adults as well as children. About 10 years ago, children used to go out and play. Due to this he also had physical activity. Which is very important for both the mental and physical health of children. But this is not the case with today's children, they do not get leisure time just by using the phone, nor do they eat properly, but in today's time, children prefer to eat processed foods.

But all these have a bad effect on the physical and mental growth of the child. Using too much phone, not doing any activity and not eating properly can cause many health problems in children. Therefore, these things are very important for the development of the child.


The most important thing is to take care of the child's vaccination. Children can be protected from many diseases by getting timely vaccination. Along with this, it is very important for the proper development of children.

listen to the talk

For the mental development of children, it is important to talk to children. Parents should talk to them with an open heart. Create such an environment at home in which the child can share everything with you without fear. If the child is telling something, do not interrupt him but listen to him carefully.

encourage the child

It happens many times that a child wants to do something but is not successful in it. In such a situation, explain to the children that they should learn from mistakes and encourage them to move forward.

physical activity

Nowadays children keep using mobile phones all day long. Which is not good for both the mental and physical growth of children. Therefore, playing sports is very important for the proper development of your child, hence encourage your child to play outdoor games, which will provide entertainment to the child as well as physical activity.


Most importantly, pay close attention to the child's behavior. If you notice any sudden change in your child's behaviour, do not ignore it even by mistake. By doing this your child may become a victim of serious mental problems.

healthy habits

Develop children's habit of eating and drinking right from the beginning. Often the parents themselves eat a lot from outside, due to which the same habit develops in the child, which is not good for the health of both. Therefore, it is very important to give a balanced diet to children for their proper physical and mental development. Feed children home-cooked food instead of outside food. Also make a schedule for sleeping and waking up.

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