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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Take drone like shots with the help of AI, this app will make the work easier

If you are also fond of taking drone shots but are not able to buy a drone due to its high price, then this information is useful. Learn here how you can take drone shots through your phone with the help of AI. This app can take great drone shots in your videos.

Buying a drone is not in everyone's budget. But this does not mean that drone shots cannot be enjoyed. If you are fond of photography and videography and want to show the wonders of drones in your video, then do not worry. Here we will tell you how you can take drone shots with the help of mobile and through AI. For this you will not need to buy a drone, nor will you have to spend heavily. If you are an iPhone user then you can use this app easily.

Luma AI

The AI ​​equipped app gives you a chance to click amazing 3D shots. For this, you will have to install Luma AI from Apple App Store in your phone.

After this you will have to record video from every angle in your phone. You have to cover all four areas in the video.

After this you will have to upload your video on this app. After uploading the video on this app, your video will be converted into 3D drone shot.

This app has got 4.7 rating on Apple App Store. This app is available in English, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai and Turkish languages.

All this will be available in the app

In this you are getting great vfx and draft models for editing. In a way, this is the best 3D scanning app.

In this app you can edit both photo and video and turn it into a great capture.

The special thing about this app is that you will not have to take any kind of subscription to download and use it. That means, like other editing apps, this app is not paid. You can use it for free.

On this AI you will get a chance to create unique drone shots.

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