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Thursday, January 25, 2024

Stress Management: Does traveling really reduce stress? Know from experts

Stress Management:
The biggest advantage of traveling is that you get a chance to relax mentally. This keeps you mentally healthy. But does traveling really reduce stress? Know what mental health experts say.

Can Vacations Reduce Stress: Nowadays, due to hectic lifestyle, most of the people are facing problems like stress and depression. Due to workload, the mental health of some people is also affected. But to escape this stress and find peace, people plan to travel. You must have heard many people saying that a lot of stress can be avoided by going on vacations.

Traveling not only changes your perspective but it also refreshes your mind. A trip of just two days serves to recharge you for your days to come. But does traveling really relieve stress? Dr. Shailesh Jha, consultant psychiatrist at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi, says that traveling gives you a chance to mentally relax. You can further improve your mental health by travelling.

stress is reduced

Dr. Shailesh Jha says that traveling has always been a means of reducing mental stress. Traveling brings changes in your environment, due to which your brain also experiences changes. Stress can be reduced to a great extent by getting out of the regular routine, traveling and taking a break from work. Fun activities done while traveling do not leave any space for stress in the mind.

to be emotionally strong

Experts say that spending holidays not only reduces stress but also makes you emotionally stronger than before. Dr. Shailesh Jha says that when you become emotionally strong, you are able to take better decisions. Besides this, traveling also brings out the creativity within us. A simple example of this is reels related to travelling.

forming new relationships

Apart from this, traveling enables you to form new relationships. When we go somewhere, we meet new people. This provides an opportunity to meet people, make friends and increase social networking.

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