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Thursday, January 25, 2024

Adopt these home remedies, henna color will not fade

For girls, a beautiful design of mehndi is as important as the dark color of mehndi. Mehndi often does not dry quickly in winter due to which its color does not shine. With the tips mentioned here, you can deepen the color of your mehendi.

No matter how modern you are, everyone likes the hobby of applying mehendi and its dark color. Before any festival, women start preparing for it. Which also includes applying henna on the hands. After applying henna, if we leave it for the whole night then the color becomes darker but many times we do not have enough time to dry the henna completely. In this situation, you can deepen the color of your mehendi with the tips mentioned here.

Many times we make some mistakes while applying mehendi due to which sometimes the color of mehendi does not become dark. After removing the mehendi, you try some methods to make the color darker, but while mixing the mehendi, you need to take special care of some things.

Do not make these mistakes while mixing henna

After mixing the henna, let it rest for at least 6 hours. Only after this apply it on your hands. Before applying mehendi on hands, wash hands thoroughly. Before applying mehendi, apply eucalyptus oil on your hands. With any other oil, mehendi will not stick on the hands and the color will also not be able to shine.

Do these measures to make the color of mehendi darker

1.If you are short of time then you can remove the mehendi after two hours. But even after this, it is necessary to take some measures to get a darker color. After removing mehndi, you must apply essential oil on your hands. After this, do not allow water to come in your hands for at least an hour.

2. You can also put cloves on an iron pan and warm your hands with its steam. Due to which the color of your mehendi will become darker. This is considered to be the best solution to thicken the color of mehendi.

3. You can also mix a pinch of lime in mustard oil and apply it on your hands, but keep in mind that the amount of lime should not be excessive, otherwise your hands may get cracked.

4. You can also thicken the color of mehendi with the balm you use in case of cold and cough. For this, after removing mehendi, rub balm thoroughly on your hands and remove it after some time.

5.Lemon sugar is considered to be the best solution to thicken the color of mehendi. For this, prepare a solution of lemon and sugar syrup and when your henna dries and starts falling off, apply it on your hands with the help of cotton. When the mehendi comes off completely, apply mustard oil on your hands.

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