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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Somalian President's son sent to jail by Turkish court, know what is the whole matter?

Everyone is equal in the eyes of law, whether the culprit is a common man or belongs to an influential family. A Turkish court presented this as an example. About one and a half months ago, a motorcyclist was killed in a road accident involving the car of Somalia's President's son, the court took action in this case and imposed a fine along with the punishment.

A Turkish court has convicted the son of Somalia's President in a road accident case and sentenced him to two and a half years in prison. According to reports, the accused man had hit a courier boy riding a motorcycle with his speeding car on a national highway in Istanbul. This accident proved fatal.

The incident is of 30th November. After the accident, the victim was admitted to the hospital but he died after six days. After which a warrant was issued against the accused. As soon as the warrant was issued, he fled Türkiye. But then returned to Istanbul to testify in the incident.

US$910 fine

The case was heard by the Istanbul court on Tuesday. In which the accused has been held guilty. Also, a fine of 27,300 Turkish Lira i.e. 910 US dollars was imposed on him. The driver's license of the guilty person has been canceled for six months. However, prosecutors had requested that Mohammed be sentenced to up to six years in prison.

Criticism of the court's decision

The Courier Rights Association in Turkey has criticized the court's decision. The association said the life of a motorcycle courier cannot be worth 27,000 Turkish liras while the other party is 75 percent at fault in the case. What kind of justice is this?

The death of the motorcyclist threatened to sour the friendship between Turkey and Somalia. In the whole matter, the President of Somalia has told that his 40-year-old son is a doctor by profession and he did not run away from Turkey. We advised him to surrender in the court.

Called Turkey a country of brotherhood

The President also said- Türkiye is a brotherly country. We respect the law and the judicial system. As President of Somalia I will never allow anyone to violate the judicial system of this country. Turkish officials have maintained close ties with Somalia since 2011. Turkey has provided humanitarian aid, built infrastructure, and even opened a military base in Somalia, where officers and police have been trained.

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