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Sunday, January 21, 2024

Russia: Why was there an apology for the death of the cat?

A cat has died after being thrown from a train in Russia, following which there have been demands to sack the accused conductor and prosecute him. The state-owned railway company has apologized to the owners of ginger and white cat Twix, who was thrown into the snow in Kirov on January 11.

The death of a Russian cat made headlines around the world. There was anger among the people after the case of death came to light. Even had to apologise. Actually, the cat was thrown from the Russian train into the frozen snow below, after which it died due to cold. Now in this matter the railway company named RJHD has apologized to the cat owners. The cat was thrown down by the train conductor.

Russian-owned RJHD has vowed to change its rules and said it was extremely sorry that Twix the cat had died. The matter came to light when a video went viral. In viral footage, a ginger and white cat was seen thrown in the snow in Kirov, east of Moscow, on January 11. It is said that the train conductor had mistaken the male cat for a stray.

After the matter came to light, hundreds of volunteers started searching the railway station area in Kirov. The cat was finally found dead on Saturday and later identified by its owners. Some reports say that Twix the cat died due to animal bite and frostbite. There is snow everywhere in Kirov at this time. The temperature here remains below minus 30 degrees.

Demand to initiate case against female conductor

A demand was made to initiate a criminal investigation against the female conductor regarding this incident, which the local authorities refused. After this, now more than 70,000 people have signed a petition to initiate a criminal investigation against the female conductor. A separate petition, signed by more than 200,000 people, calls for the firing of the female conductor, who has not been publicly identified. One of the owners of Twix the cat wants to take the matter to court. There is a lot of anger among the people regarding this issue all over Russia.

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