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Sunday, January 21, 2024

Election history of Pakistan: The election of Pakistan after which the country broke into two, became the reason for the new country!

General elections were held for the first time in Pakistan in December 1970. In these elections, East Pakistan's party Awami League won but Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was not handed over power. Due to this, the situation in East Pakistan started deteriorating and the situation became such that in 1971, Pakistan was divided into two parts and Bangladesh was born.

General elections are to be held in Pakistan on 8 February. There too, like India, general elections are held every 5 years. It is through these elections that the people of our neighboring country elect their Wazir-e-Azam i.e. Prime Minister. Partition took place between India and Pakistan in 1947. The first general elections in India were held in 1951-52, whereas in Pakistan it took 23 years for the first general elections to be held. For the first time, general elections were held in Pakistan in 1970. There has been political instability in Pakistan since partition. Not only this, the army has also carried out coups there on many occasions. There is direct or indirect interference of the army in the power of Pakistan. It is even said that in elections only the one who is liked by the army wins or becomes the Prime Minister.

After many ups and downs and many changes, when general elections were held for the first time in Pakistan in 1970, what happened after that changed the geography of Pakistan. The results of this election were such that Pakistan was divided into two and East Pakistan was separated and a new country was formed in the form of Bangladesh.

First general elections could be held in 1970

After 1947, provincial level elections were held in Pakistan, but elections could not be held at the national level. Pakistan got its constitution in 1956. It was then decided that general elections would be held in 1958. But in 1958, martial law was imposed in Pakistan, the constitution was dissolved and the rest of the assemblies were also dissolved. Army Chief General Muhammad Ayub Khan became President. After this general elections could not be held. In 1962, a new constitution came into force in Pakistan. Presidential system came into force. In 1969, Ayub Khan was replaced by Army Chief General Yahya Khan. After this, general elections were held in 1970.

General elections were held in Pakistan on 7 December 1970. Elections were held on a total of 300 seats, out of which 162 seats were in East Pakistan and 138 seats were in West Pakistan. The main contest in the elections was between Awami League of East Pakistan and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) of West Pakistan. Awami League won the elections. It got majority with 160 seats. Whereas PPP got 81 seats. Awami League got all 160 seats in East Pakistan.

Awami League did not hand over power to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

After the results, power was to be handed over to Awami League leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, but Yahya Khan did not do so. Actually, PPP leader Zulfikar Ali Bhutto did not want any party from East Pakistan to take over the power of the country. Due to this, resentment started increasing among the people of East Pakistan. Not only this, Yahya Khan appointed Bengali leader Nurul Amin as the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The people of East Pakistan did not like this. A civil war-like situation occurred in East Pakistan and the situation became so bad that at the end of the year 1971, Pakistan was divided into two and Bangladesh was formed.

Protests against Pakistan had increased in East Pakistan. Violence was also happening at many places. To stop these protests, the Pakistani Army started Operation Searchlight in March 1971. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, other Bengali leaders and activists were arrested. On 26 March 1971, the independence of Bangladesh was announced through a message from Mujibur Rahman. He asked the people to fight against the Pakistani army till the end. He said that this fight should continue until the last soldier of the Pakistani occupation army is driven out from the soil of Bangladesh and final victory is achieved. Mujibur was arrested and brought to West Pakistan.

India supported Bangladesh

Due to the operation of Pakistani Army, a massacre like situation occurred in East Pakistan. Lakhs of Bengalis were killed in this operation, while lakhs of refugees came to India. There were many incidents of rape and robbery of women. India provided space to the refugees and also decided to support Bangladesh. Initially India decided not to go to war against Pakistan. However, the Indian Army trained Mukti Bahini in East Pakistan, on the basis of which the Pakistani Army continued to be fought. Here India also kept making its preparations.

Later on 3 December 1971, Pakistan attacked India. Pakistan's Air Force simultaneously attacked several Indian airbases in the west. After this India had to jump into war. On December 4, India declared war against Pakistan and within 13 days the Pakistani army surrendered. On 16 December 1971, more than 90 thousand soldiers of Pakistan surrendered to the Indian Army in Dhaka and Bangladesh became an independent country.

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was assassinated in 1975

In January 1972, Pakistan had to release Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and he returned to Bangladesh. Before going to Bangladesh, Mujibur first went to London and from there again came to India. After coming to India, he expressed his gratitude to Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and also thanked the Indian Army and people. After this he went to Bangladesh, where he was welcomed like a hero. After this he took over the power of Bangladesh. He is called the Father of the Nation of Bangladesh. He was assassinated on 15 August 1975. His residence was attacked by some army officers. In this, along with Mujibur Rahman, his family members were also killed. His wife, son-daughter-in-law and 10 year old son were killed. Both his daughters were abroad, so they were saved. His daughter Sheikh Hasina is today the Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Recently she has become the PM of Bangladesh for the 5th time.

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