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Friday, January 26, 2024

Retrenchment phase begins again, now thousands of jobs will be lost in Flipkart

As the year 2024 begins, the phase of layoffs has started once again. Walmart-owned e-commerce company Flipkart has also announced to lay off a large number of people.

There is going to be a large number of layoffs in Flipkart, the e-commerce company owned by Walmart, one of the world's largest retail companies. This will affect the employment of thousands of people. This is a big sign that the phase of retrenchments has started once again. This is exactly the same when Twitter started laying off people in November 2022 and which was also seen in Amazon, Google, Meta and Microsoft in the beginning of 2023.

Not only this, during the retrenchment period last year, many startup companies of India also made retrenchments on a large scale. In this way, thousands of people including global and domestic companies had to lose their jobs.

1100 people will be removed from Flipkart

E-commerce company Flipkart says that it may fire about 1,100 people who perform poorly. PTI has given this information on the basis of sources related to the case. Flipkart can carry out this layoff by evaluating the employees between January and February in the appraisal round on the basis of last year's work. The company says that it can show the way out to about 5 percent of its total workforce.

Flipkart has approximately 22,000 employees. In this way, the company can fire about 1,100 people on performance basis. Although Flipkart was asked about this by sending an e-mail, no reply has been received from its side till now.

Swiggy is also laying off 6% of its employees

Earlier in the afternoon, ET reported that food delivery company Swiggy may also lay off about 6 percent of its total workforce to reduce its costs. This number falls between 350 to 400. Most of the people in this company work in technology, call center and corporate roles. This retrenchment will not happen in one fell swoop. Rather, it will be done gradually in the coming few weeks. Senior managers of the company have been informed about this.

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