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Saturday, January 20, 2024

Ram Mandir VIP Ticket Scam: Scam in the name of Ram, luring VIP entry, if trapped, account will be empty

Lord Shri Ram will be consecrated in the Ram temple on January 22 in Ayodhya. Till now in this program Prasad's fraud was going on on the e-commerce site. Which has now gone two steps ahead and reached VIP pass.

Lord Shri Ram's life will be consecrated in Ram temple in Ayodhya on 22nd January. Lakhs of devotees from across the country will participate in this program. Many VIPs including Prime Minister Modi will also participate in the program. In such a situation, cyber thugs have also become active who are trying to empty people's bank accounts in the name of Lord Shri Ram.

For this, cyber thugs are sending a message to people on WhatsApp and claiming that the blessings of Lord Shri Ram have showered on you. Therefore you can get VIP entry in the Pran Pratishtha program to be organized in Ram temple. For this you will have to follow some easy steps.

This claim was made in the message

In the message sent by cyber thugs, along with the good wishes, it is written that you are being given a VIP pass for the program to be held in Ram Temple on 22 January. A link is being sent with this message. It is said in the message that install this app by visiting this link and get a free VIP pass. If you have also received such a message, then understand that it is a fraud message and can defraud you.

how to cheat

Cyber ​​​​thugs also share a link with this message of VIP pass entry and put pressure on you that by clicking on this link and following some easy steps, you can get VIP entry in Lord Ram's Pran Pratistha program, but let us tell you. These links are not only fake, but through them you can install apps like Any Desk and Teamviewer on your smartphone which give information about your device to cyber thugs.

The temple administration said this

The government or the temple administration has not arranged any kind of VIP pass for the common people nor has created any app. The message and link of such app is being sent by cyber thugs. Be careful of this message.

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