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Sunday, January 21, 2024

Before getting married, definitely ask these questions to your future partner, life will be happy.

Be it arranged marriage or love, you should definitely ask some questions to your future life partner. To live a happy life, it is important that you keep things clear with your partner in advance so that no reason for fight arises between you in future and your married relationship remains strong.

The wedding season will start in a few days. In such a situation, every parent starts putting pressure on their children regarding marriage. But remember, do not make the mistake of being hasty in the matter of marriage. Nowadays anyway boys and girls want to marry as per their choice. If you are also getting married as per your choice, then there is no problem, but if you are going to marry the boy recommended by your parents, then definitely ask some questions to your future partner.

In fact, many times in an arranged marriage, the girl is not able to express the questions hidden in her mind to her future husband, due to which discord starts forming between them. Therefore, before choosing your life partner, definitely ask the questions that are in your mind.

1.How to choose life partner

There is no classic example of a perfect man, even none of us are perfect. Therefore, if you are looking for a perfect life partner, then stop it as soon as possible. Instead, choose a person for yourself who understands you, who respects your feelings. For any happy relationship, it is important that both of you understand each other.

2. Talk together before the marriage is fixed.

Make your family members not to rush into marriage, tell them that first you want to meet the boy once or twice and understand him. Only after this proceed or fix something. You should meet them and get their opinion about what they like and what they don't like, so that you will know whether both of you will be able to live together for the whole life or not.

3. They don't drive for long distances.

Many times in pre-wedding meetings, people talk to themselves to look more modern, in simple words they exaggerate everything. If you notice something like this in the first two-three meetings, then immediately keep distance from such a person, and definitely inform your parents about this.

4.Focus on intelligence

Find out about the intelligence of your future partner in the first couple of meetings. Also, pay attention to your partner's education. Along with this, you must also inquire about your partner's job. Also, if you are thinking of doing a job even after marriage, then you must mention this to your partner.

5. Choose a partner for yourself who respects you as well as your family. It is good to always keep your point and keep distance from people who try to convince you. In the matter of choosing a partner, it is better to include the opinion of your parents rather than taking any decision yourself.

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