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Thursday, January 25, 2024

Padma Awards 2024: Padma Awards announced, 110 personalities including the first female mahout 'Hathi Ki Pari' will receive Padma Shri.

Padma Awards 2024:
Padma Awards have been announced on the eve of Republic Day, in which 110 names have been announced for Padmashree. Of these, there are 34 names which were anonymous till now. Let us know about those unsung heroes.

The names of the Padma Awards to be given this year were announced on the eve of Republic Day. It includes the names of personalities who have made significant contributions in various fields. This year, it has been decided to give Padma Shri to 110 personalities, these include 34 unsung heroes, including the first woman mahout Parbati Barua, tribal activist Jageshwar Yadav, social worker Charmi Murmu, Somanna, Sarveshwar, Sangtham and many other big names. Names included.

Padma Awards are the most important honors after Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian award, which are given in three categories: Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri. Padma Award was started by the Government of India in the year 1954. In the year 1955, it was named Padmashree, Padmabhushan and Padmavibhushan. This trend has been going on since then.

Unsung heroes who will receive Padma Shri

1- Parbati Barua, 67 years, Assam, Social Work (Animal Welfare)

Parbati Barua, India's first female mahout, defied stereotypes to carve out a niche for herself in a traditionally male-dominated field. He helped the state government to control the conflict between elephants and humans. The most important thing is that he adopted this skill inherited from his father at the age of 14 and started making elephants dance to his tunes. Despite coming from an affluent background, she not only chose to become a mahout but also earned the nickname the Fairy of Elephants by serving elephants continuously for four decades.

2- Jageshwar Yadav, 67 years, Chhattisgarh Social Work (Tribal)

Jageshwar Yadav is a tribal welfare worker from Jashpur, who dedicated his entire life for the tribals. He worked for the marginalized Birhor and Pahari Korwa people. Established an ashram in Jashpur and along with eliminating illiteracy, provided health services to the tribals by organizing camps. Jageshwar Yadav got the tribals vaccinated during the Corona epidemic. Despite financial constraints, Jageshwar Yadav never let his service slacken. With his tireless efforts he became the 'Brother of Birhor'.

3- Chami Murmu, 52 years, Jharkhand Social Work (Environment)

Chami Murmu is a tribal environmentalist who also works for women empowerment, along with 3 thousand women, she spearheaded the efforts to plant more than 30 lakh trees. Chami Murmu empowered women by forming self-help groups and linked them to economic transformation. In the name of her NGO Sahayak Mahila, she continuously worked on safe motherhood, anemia and malnutrition. Emphasis was laid on the education of adolescent girls. She continued campaigning against illegal logging, mafia and Naxalites. She is also called an associate of Sarai Kela.

4- Gurvinder Singh, 53 years, Haryana, Social Work (Disabled)

Gurvinder Singh is a social worker from Sirsa, Haryana, who worked continuously for the disabled, destitute, destitute and women. With his unwavering dedication he nurtured around 300 people. He established an institution for the care of children named Bal Gopal Dham. Till now he has provided free ambulance service to more than 6000 people. The special thing is that Gurvinder Singh himself became disabled after being a victim of this accident, his part below the waist is paralyzed, but his courage made him the 'hope of the disabled'.

5- Satya Narayana Baleri, 50 years, Kerala (Agriculture)

Satyanarayana is a rice farmer from Kasaragod who preserved more than 650 rice varieties. He promoted the success of Rajkayam rice in Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Through 15 years of hard work and new technology, he not only conserved rice varieties using the 'polybag method' but also saved the traditional seeds of betel nut. He also worked continuously in the field of nutmeg and black pepper. He also distributed free seeds to farmers to promote traditional varieties of rice.

6- Dukhu Majhi, 78 years, West Bengal Social Work (Environment)

Dukhu Majhi is a tribal environmentalist from Sindri village of Purulia. He spent his entire life making people aware about tree plantation by traveling on bicycle. A documentary 'Rukhu Mati Dukhu Majhi' has also been made on him. He has planted more than 5 thousand banyan, mango and blackberry trees. He started working for Greenery at the age of 12. He could not complete his education due to financial constraints, but that did not stop him from working on plantations. He told people the importance of trees and made them aware against wood theft.

7- K Chellamma, 69 years, Andaman and Nicobar (Agriculture)

K Chellamma is an organic farmer from South Andaman. She does organic farming on 10 acres. For this he used intercropping method. There are crops like clove, ginger, pineapple, banana etc. in his farm. He inspired more than 150 farmers to adopt this method and created innovative and economical solutions for it. Every year more than 27 thousand coconut trees are cut, to stop this he spread awareness and planted a coconut plantation in 1 hectare. She has only class six education, but has been working with commitment and enthusiasm for the last 5 decades.

8- Sangathankima, 63 years, Mizoram, Social Work (Children)

Sangathankima is a social worker from Aizawl, he runs Mizoram's largest orphanage 'Thutak Nunpuitu'. Spreading awareness related to child welfare, addiction and HIV AIDS for 3 decades. He has also been continuously working for the ashram and rehabilitation of the people, he has also continuously worked for orphans, disabled people and drug addicts.

9- Hem Chandra Majhi, 70 years, Chhattisgarh (Ayush)

Hem Chandra Majhi is a traditional medicinal practitioner who is providing affordable health services in Narayanpur. He started this series 5 decades ago. He is known for his special knowledge of herbs. He charges a very small amount for the treatment of patients. He received repeated threats for his efforts, but he continued his service work.

10- Yanung Jamoh Lego, 58 years, Arunachal Pradesh (Agriculture)

Yanung Jamoh Lego is a herbal medicine specialist based in East Siang, who has provided medical care to more than 10 thousand people so far. She has educated 1 lakh people through herbs. She runs a trained self-help group, which plants more than 5000 medicinal plants every year. He promoted herbal kitchen garden. Despite economic challenges, he kept the traditional medical system of the tribe alive.

11- Somanna, 66 years, Karnataka, Social Work (Tribal)

Somanna is a tribal welfare activist from Mysuru who has been tirelessly working for the upliftment of the Jenu Kuruba tribe for more than 4 decades. He provided identity and security to more than 500 tribals. He works for the communities living in forest areas. Let us tell you that Jenu Kuruba is a tribe of Nilgiri whose main work is to collect honey. Earlier they used to work as bonded labour, but Somanna freed them from bonded labor and dedicated her life for their rights.

12- Sarveshwar Basumetary, 61 years, Assam, (Agriculture)

Sarveshwar Basumetary is a tribal farmer who successfully adopted mixed integrated farming approach and cultivated a variety of crops like coconut oranges, paddy, litchi and maize. He demonstrated a community-centric approach. He once worked as a daily wage labourer, but despite formal education and many obstacles, he updated himself and established his identity as a tribal farmer.

13- Prema Dhanraj, 72, Karnataka (Medicine)

Prema Dhanraj is a plastic surgeon and social worker. She is dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of fire victims. She has established many fire protection NGOs. Provides free surgeries to the victims. Till now, plastic surgery has been done on 25000 people. He has also written 3 books. The special thing is that at the age of 8, she herself suffered 50 percent burns when the stove exploded. He himself had more than 14 surgeries as a child. He understood this pain and dedicated himself to the service of such people.

14- Uday Vishwanath Desh Pandey, 70 years, Maharashtra (Malakhamb Coach)

Uday Vishwanath trained more than 5 thousand youth from around 50 countries of the world in Malkhamb. He is also the director of the World Malkhamb Federation, hence he also promotes this game in different countries. He also created a rule book related to this game, in which many details related to this game were mentioned. The International Olympic Association has also recognized it.

15- Yazki Monckshaw Italia, 72 years, Gujarat (Indigenous-Sickle Cell

Yazki Monckshaw Italia is a famous microbiologist who started the Anemia Control Program (SCACP) by investigating the sickle cell. In collaboration with ICMR, he screened 2 lakh tribals by taking dried blood samples. More than 95 lakh tribals across the country were examined in the manner suggested by him. In Gujarat, 7.2 lakh skin cell trait cases were identified and effectively identified and counseled.

16- Shanti Devi Paswan and Shivan Paswan, Madhubani Bihar (painting)

17- Ratan Kahar, 88 years, West Bengal, Arts (Folklore singing)

18- Ashok Kumar Biswas, 67 years, Bihar (Painting)

19- Balakrishna Sadanam Puthiya Veethil, 79 years, Kerala, Art, (Kathakali)

20- Uma Maheshwari D, 63 years, Andhra Pradesh, Arts (Storytelling)

21- Gopinath Swain, 105 years, Orissa, Art (Bhajan singing)

22- Smriti Rekha Chakhma, 63 years, Tripura Art (Textile)

23- Om Prakash Sharma, 85 years, Madhya Pradesh Art (Theatre-Folk)

24- Narayana EP, 67 years, Kerala Arts (Dance)

25- Bhagwat Pradhan, 85 years, Orissa, Arts (Dance)

26- Sanatan Rudra Pal, 68 years, West Bengal, Art (Sculpture)

27- Badrappan M, 87, Tamil Nadu, Arts (Dance)

28- Jordan Lepcha, 50 years, Sikkim, Art (Craft)

29- Machihan Sasa, 73 years, Manipur, art (craft)

30- Gaddam Samaiya, Telangana, 67, Arts (Dance)

31- Janaki Lal, age 81 years Rajasthan, Arts (Theatre)

32- Dasari Kondappa, age 63, Telangana, Arts (Instrument)

33- Baburam Yadav, age 74, Uttar Pradesh, art (craft)

34- Nepal Chandra Sutradhar, age 82, West Bengal, Art (Mask Making)

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