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Friday, January 26, 2024

Oh No! Property worth crores transferred in the name of dogs and cats, what was the reason?

These days a Chinese woman is being discussed a lot on social media. In fact, the woman has given her entire property in the name of dogs and cats. This step of the woman is really shocking. But when you will know the whole matter, then you will also start praising this woman.

You must have seen that people often leave something in the name of their children in their will, but a woman in China did something which is now being discussed all over the world through social media. This woman has given her property worth crores to her pet dogs and cats, while not giving even a single penny to her children. But when you know the reason for the woman doing this, you will also praise her.

This shocking case is from Shanghai, China. Here, an elderly woman named Liu, to teach her children a lesson, transferred her property worth more than Rs 23 crore to her pet dogs and cats. Liu was angry that her children never came to meet her. Didn't even talk on the phone. For this reason, he decided to change his will and left the entire property in the name of the pets.

Chinese law does not allow

According to South China Morning Post, there is no law in China to leave a will in the name of animals. In such a situation, on the advice of the authorities, Liu has appointed a local veterinary clinic as the administrator of his will, which will take care of his pets after him.

What did the old lady say?

The elderly woman said, 'I was ill. Didn't even ask about my well-being. If we couldn't come to meet, we could have at least talked on the phone. But he didn't do that either. Hurt by this, Liu was forced to take this tough decision. He believes that when he needed his children the most, his pet dogs and cats supported him. If there is a change in the behavior of the children, the woman still has the option to change the will.

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