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Friday, January 26, 2024

A biscuit took the girl's life, her health deteriorated as soon as she ate it, she went into a coma and...

Most people in the world do not have their morning without tea and biscuits. There is more than one biscuit in the market which tastes delicious to eat with tea and also fills the stomach, but do you know that this hobby of yours can also take your life.

Everyone likes to eat biscuits with tea. This is such a thing that everyone likes, from adults to children. Many people are so fond of tea that they do not drink tea without biscuits or cookies. But do you know that if you eat biscuits, you may die suddenly one day. Recently, the story of a woman has come to light. Which surprised everyone.

According to media reports, this case is being reported from New York. Where a woman went into a coma after eating a biscuit. The situation was such that many of his organs stopped working. She kept swinging between life and death for weeks and finally she died. According to the report of the English website New York Post, the name of the girl who died is Orla Baxendale. Who was a resident of Manchester and was only 25 years old.

How did a biscuit take life?

It is being said that she was very fond of biscuits, she often used to eat biscuits with her tea, but in the last week of December she ate biscuits and became seriously ill. After which he died on 11 January. When the reason for its death came to light, everyone was shocked and everyone should know it. According to the investigation report, the biscuit that Baxendale ate contained peanut pieces and he had a nut allergy.

According to doctors, she had a serious reaction after eating it and went into a coma. This is called anaphylactic shock. In which when the things to which we are allergic enter our body, our immune system starts producing antibodies very fast and in large quantities which are harmful for our body. The same thing happened with Baxendale and he ultimately died.

It is being said that Baxendale was not aware of this allergy and that he had bought the biscuits from a supermarket, on which it was not clearly written that it also contained peanuts. However, when this matter came to light, the noose was being tightened against the sellers.

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