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Friday, January 19, 2024

No friendship with Israel unless Saudi Arabia sets a condition

The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas has made things difficult for Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia which was moving towards normalizing relations with Israel. It is being said that he is constantly confused about what to do next, but the Saudi Arabian Ambassador has now clarified things a bit regarding this.

Israeli attacks on Gaza continue even after three and a half months. Its flame has now spread to many other countries. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia's ambassador to America has made an important announcement. Saudi diplomat has said that Saudi Arabia will not have any relations with Israel until Israel is ready for ceasefire in Gaza.

Saudi Arabia has made it clear that it will not negotiate on an agreement recognizing Israel as a country without a ceasefire in Gaza. The Saudi Ambassador has said that his country has still not included improving relations with Israel among its important policies. The Saudi Ambassador said all these things on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum meeting held in Davos, Switzerland.

This is how Saudi-Israeli talks derailed

The most important places of worship for followers of Islam are in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has not recognized Israel as a country till date. Last year, talks were going on in this direction with great enthusiasm, but then what happened was that on October 7, Hamas launched a shocking attack on Israel, in which at least 1200 Israelis were killed. Then Israeli bombardment started on Gaza. The talks between Israel and Saudi Arabia got derailed.

Saudi and Israeli relations

In fact, Saudi Arabia did not even recognize the Abraham Accords which came into existence after American mediation. Under this agreement, important Gulf countries including Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Morocco had established their formal relations with Israel. Joe Biden's government is pushing for Israel and Saudi Arabia to come together and completely normalize relations with each other.

Two important conditions of Saudi Arabia

The current ruler of Saudi Arabia is Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Mohammed bin Salman has set some conditions for normalizing relations with Israel. These conditions include security guarantees from Washington and developing a civilian nuclear program. In a conversation with Fox News, Prince Mohammed bin Salman once said that every day we are getting closer to an agreement. However, he also emphasized that the Palestinian issue was always important for Riyadh and will remain so.

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