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Friday, January 19, 2024

15 month old girl turned into small stones after death! Parents fulfilled their wish

An American couple turned the ashes of their 15-month-old daughter into stones after her death. The death of this girl was due to a genetic disorder called TBCD. The family members wanted to keep him with them as a memory, for which they turned his ashes into a parting stone.

An American couple lost their daughter due to a rare genetic disorder. His age was 15 months. Hurt by the death of their daughter, this couple found a way to preserve her memory that you may have rarely heard about. After the death of his daughter, he turned her into stone. Let us know the whole story.

Couple Kylie and Jake Massey, living in Idaho, America, lost their 15-month-old daughter Poppy due to a rare disease in April last year. This disease named TBCD is a genetic disorder. Poppy was diagnosed with this disease when she was 9 months old. Poppy's mother told that when she was born, she was absolutely healthy according to her.

Had no idea until some time after birth

Kaylee and Jake had no idea about Poppy's condition, but when she turned 4 months old, they noticed that her vision was not developing properly, after which they consulted several doctors. took. Even after consulting at many places, nothing was found, later doctors advised to do MRI of Poppy.

38th girl in the world suffering from TBCD disease

After the MRI report came, it was found that the middle part of his brain, the corpus callosum, had not developed properly. At the age of 5 months, Poppy was diagnosed with a rare disease called TBCD. At that time, Poppy was the 38th child in the world in whom this disease was found. Shortly before Poppy's death, she had trouble breathing, after which she was admitted to the hospital. At the hospital, doctors found spots of pneumonia in her lungs and Poppy was diagnosed with a respiratory infection.

Death occurred a few hours after admission in ICU

The next morning after coming to the hospital, Poppy was admitted to the ICU for good care. Later her condition became more critical and her brothers and sisters were called to say goodbye to Poppy. After which he died after 5 hours. After death, Kaylee and Jake wanted Poppy's ashes to stay with them in their house.

Handwritten note found with the parting stone

In the catalog given to the girl at the time of her death, it was also mentioned that beautiful stones can also be made from ashes, which are called parting stones. A few months after Poppy's death, the family received a handwritten note and a "beautiful box". The note found with the Parting Stone box read, 'Thank you for handing over your daughter to us.'

There were 13-14 white colored stones in this box which were very beautiful and small in appearance. Kaylee and Jake placed these stones on Poppy's swing, which makes them feel like their daughter is at home all the time.

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