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Sunday, January 21, 2024

National Hugging Day: If you hug someone with love, it will give many benefits to your health too.

Hugging is a great way to express love towards someone. This not only maintains warmth in your relationships, but it is also very beneficial for your health, let us know in details.

National Hugging Day: 21 January is celebrated as National Hugging Day. Be it parents, siblings or love partner, when we want to express our love towards someone, we hug them. You must have also noticed that you feel very good at that time. Hugging not only increases mutual love but also enables you to express your feelings in a better way. Hugging not only strengthens your relationships but it is also considered very beneficial for your health.

Whether you are happy or sad, hugging someone close to you is the best feeling at that time. Some studies also say that hugging someone is good for your health and it can give you relief from many problems.

Mental health improves

When you hug someone, happy hormones like oxytocin and dopamine are released. These hormones, in a way, work as messengers in the body. When oxytocin is released in the body, it reduces your stress, while dopamine is also a hormone that inspires your brain to do good things and increases positive feelings in your mind, which makes you feel happy and relaxed. Hugging in this way reduces problems like stress, anxiety and is very beneficial for mental health.

Hugging is good for the heart

According to a research by North Carolina University, when you hug someone, the heartbeat is normal. Hugging helps in controlling high blood pressure, hence hugging is helpful in improving the health of your heart.

Confidence improves

When someone feels very nervous or scared in a situation, then hugging the person gives a feeling of security and this can reduce the fear to a great extent, which boosts the confidence of the person. Is. In this way, hugging is beneficial in every way, from improving the mood, keeping the heart healthy to boosting the confidence level.

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