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Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Meditation is beneficial for the brain, adopt these simple methods

Nowadays, in this busy life, anxiety and depression are becoming quite common. This has a bad effect on both our mental and physical health. In such a situation, meditation can help you stay away from stress.

In a busy life, a person remains stressed about some matter or work. Often it happens with us that we are doing some work and our attention is somewhere else. Because some kind of thoughts always run in the mind. Due to stressful lifestyle, everyone remains under stress and the mind never remains calm. We are always thinking about something or the other. Due to which a person may suffer from many diseases. Because our mental health directly affects our body. Therefore, it is very important for us to pay attention to our mental health.

You must have often heard people saying about meditation that practicing it keeps your mental health good and gives peace to your mind. So let us know what simple methods we can adopt to do this.

Meditation, also known as meditation, involves relaxation, focus and awareness. Just as you exercise to keep your physical health healthy, similarly meditation is done to keep your mental health healthy. For this, you can use many techniques such as mindfulness, focusing on a particular object or thought such as a particular mantra, which will increase your focus and awareness.

choose a quiet place

You will have difficulty concentrating in a noisy place, so it is important to choose a quiet place for meditation. Where you can sit and meditate. You can meditate sitting anywhere on a chair, bed or floor. Keep in mind that during this time you have to keep your spine straight and concentrate on your breathing.

mantra meditation

For this you can also select any mantra. This will help in calming the mind and concentrating and it may also be a little easier for you. You repeat that mantra, like many people chant Om (Om). Similarly, you can select the mantra as per your choice.

don't get distracted

There may be difficulty in meditating in the beginning because during that time one cannot concentrate and keeps getting distracted. But your attention should not be allowed to wander during meditation. Even if you feel any sound or movement, ignore it and maintain your focus. When you start practicing, it will gradually become correct.

manage time

You have to take out some time for this from your busy schedule and you can set a timer during meditation, so that your attention will not go towards the clock again and again. If you go out for meditation even for 5 minutes every day, it can prove beneficial for you.

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