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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Make a habit of these powerful food combinations in winter, diseases will not touch you!

Eating some food items together is more beneficial than eating them separately. The body gets complete nutrition from these food combinations. Let us know which food items have double the benefits when eaten together.

There are many dieticians and experts around us, but still hardly anyone gives us the knowledge of healthy food combinations. However, research says that eating some food items together gives you double the benefits.

Recently, a nutritionist Apoorva Aggarwal shared a post on his Instagram in which he has mentioned healthy food combinations. Let us know which food items can be beneficial to eat together.

1. Tomato and Avocado

Avocado is a treasure of nutrition in itself. Eating it with tomato doubles its benefits. According to Apoorva Aggarwal, you get many benefits by eating avocado and tomato together. Eating avocado and tomato together helps in fighting cancer. Eating these two together not only enhances the taste but also keeps you fit.

2.Apple and dark chocolate

Hardly anyone would be unaware of how beneficial eating apples is. Anti-inflammatory properties are found in apple and dark chocolate is considered a treasure trove of powerful antioxidants. Eating these two together also improves your blood circulation. To taste its best taste, first melt the dark chocolate. After this, dip the apple slices in it and eat it. For this combination, use only high quality dark chocolate.

3. Green Tea with Lemon

We all have heard about not just one but many benefits of green tea, and for these benefits almost everyone must have included green tea in their daily routine. But drinking green tea mixed with lemon can prove miraculous for you. Actually, green tea has anti-oxidant properties and after mixing it with lemon, these benefits double.

4. Beetroot and Chickpeas

From beetroot and boiled chickpea salad to soup, all these dishes in which beetroot and chickpea are used are beneficial for our health. Vitamin B6 is found in abundance in chickpeas, which if we eat with beetroot, the body gets more nutrition.

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