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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

By including these foods in the diet, the body gets plenty of calcium.

Calcium is very important for our body. Which works to keep our bones strong. Therefore, if there is calcium deficiency in the body, you may have to face many problems related to bones. In such a situation, to compensate for its deficiency in the body, include these foods in your diet.

Whatever we eat has a direct impact on our body and health. But nowadays people prefer to eat fried, spicy and junk food from outside instead of eating nutritious food. All these things are delicious to eat but they have little to no nutrients. Due to which our stomach gets filled but our body does not get the nutrients we need. In such a situation, there is deficiency of many nutrients in the body. One of which is calcium deficiency.

Calcium deficiency has become very common today. This problem is especially seen in children and women above 30 years of age. As calcium helps in strengthening our bones and teeth. In such a situation, due to its deficiency, one may have to face problems related to bones. Therefore, to fulfill the deficiency of calcium in the body, include these foods in your diet.

These foods are rich in calcium

dairy products

Calcium is found in abundance in dairy products like cheese, curd and milk. Therefore include these in your diet. With this your body will get the right amount of calcium.


You can consume oranges in this winter season. Along with calcium, Vitamin C is also found in oranges. This can help in strengthening immunity.

Seeds and Almonds

Chia seeds and sesame seeds also contain abundant amount of calcium. You can include it in your diet in many ways. Along with this, eating almonds can also help in increasing the calcium level in the body.

fatty fish

Tuna and salmon fish contain good amounts of calcium and vitamin D. Apart from this, this fatty fish is also a good source of Omega-3 acid and consuming it can have many benefits for the body.


You can include soybean in your diet. In this you can consume tofu, soya milk and soybean. Along with calcium, your body gets many other nutrients.

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