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Friday, January 26, 2024

Kids Health: Start feeding these foods to children after 5 years, they will grow faster

Kids Growth: If the child's growth is stopping due to any reason, then in most of the cases the reason behind it is not getting the right nutrients. Due to poor diet of the child, his growth stops. Let us know what things should be included in the diet of children.

Kids Growth Food: If children continue to get proper nutrition, they will remain safe from diseases when they grow up. They should be given all those things in time, which are necessary for their development. According to health experts, when children are developing, many changes take place in their body, such as changes in hormones, formation of muscles and increasing strength of bones. All these changes in the body keep coming with increasing age.

This is the reason why health experts recommend giving nutritious food to children so that their growth does not stop. But many times, due to poor diet of the child, their growth stops, due to which the bones also become weak. Let us tell you about those foods which are essential for the growth of children.


Maybe you also do not know that seeds are also important for the growth of children. The nutrients present in it are very beneficial for children. Therefore, include chia and flax seeds as well as sesame seeds in the diet of children. These are necessary to strengthen the bones.

green vegetables

If you want to speed up the growth of children, then start giving them green vegetables in their diet. Seasonal vegetables contain plenty of nutrients, which provide many benefits to the body. Feed children vegetables like spinach, kale, cabbage. The vitamins and minerals present in it will also help in the development of children's brain.

dairy products

Dairy products are very important for children. This will not only strengthen the bones of children but will also help in their overall development. Health experts say that milk or milk products should be given to children right from the beginning. These contain many minerals and vitamins including calcium, which help in strengthening the bones. Include milk, cheese and curd in the child's diet.

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