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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Is watching crime scenes in films and web series having a bad effect on children? Know what experts say

In the digital age, all types of content are easily accessible from adults to children. There are many such platforms which are full of films and shows full of crime and terror. Let us know from the doctor what effect watching the crime scene has on the minds of children.

Nowadays, there are a lot of action scenes and crime scenes in films and web series. It is often seen that such crimes are committed which are taken exactly from some movie, web series or show. In earlier times, shows and movies could be watched only in cinema halls or on TV, but in the digital world the space of content has also increased a lot and nowadays everyone has a mobile in their hands. For this reason, children can easily consume any kind of content, but the question arises whether watching crime scenes has a bad effect on the minds of children.

It is said that cinema is the mirror of the society, but the content that is being served nowadays, along with the scenes full of terror, also contains many such scenes which you can hardly watch while sitting with the family and this content is not accessible to children. Let us know from the experts how being in the dark can affect their brain.

What is the effect of crime scenes on the minds of children?

Mumbai's Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. Ruhi Satija, while talking about this, says that when children repeatedly watch crime scenes in serials, web series or films, they can become insensitive towards violence, that is, in case of any difficult situation, they resort to violence (crime). ) start taking it as a normal thing. Because of this, the concept of violence can be promoted in children in real life due to which children can become aggressive.

The feeling of fear may increase in children

Doctor Ruhi Satija says that it is a bit difficult for children to differentiate between the imaginary and real world, due to this many times, apart from aggression, children can also get scared after watching crime scenes.

What should parents do?

According to Dr. Ruhi Satija, to reduce the negative impact of the crime scene on the mental health of children, one should sit and talk to them. Apart from this, one should also be alert about whether the content they are consuming is right for them or not.

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