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Friday, January 19, 2024

Is there Pegasus spyware on your iPhone? Now find out in this easy way

Users are always apprehensive about Pegasus spyware. If iPhone users and other mobile users suspect that they are being spied on, they can now easily find out about it. For this, Kaspersky Cyber ​​Security has launched a tool.

If you are an iPhone user and you feel that some spy software has been uploaded to your phone, then there is no need to panic now, because researchers from a cyber security company have claimed that one of their easy tricks can remove spyware like Pegasus from the iPhone. Will find out within minutes.

Researchers at cyber security company Kaspersky have developed a simple method, Shutdown.log, through which the presence of spyware like Pegasus can be easily estimated. Along with this, this technology also alerts iPhone users about upcoming cyber attacks. This tool to identify Pegasus has been publicly shared on GitHub, which can be used by macOS, Windows and Linux users.

Features of shutdown.log

iPhone users do not have to put in much effort to use this method. Shutdown.log: By looking at the marks made in the system file of your phone, you can know whether your iPhone has been attacked by Pegasus or not. Maher Yamout, security researcher of Kaspersky company, which created it, said that this tool is very easy and light.

Kaspersky researcher Maher Yamout said, 'If the tool finds traces in your phone's system files and these indicate Pegasus, you can get confirmation from another tool, MVT. In this way we can create a complete way to detect hidden spying apps in iPhone.

How did the experts spot it?

According to Kaspersky experts, spying apps like Pegasus leave traces in the “shutdown.log” file of your phone. Most people do not know this file, but it is present in every iPhone and whatever happens when the phone is turned off is recorded in it. Because of these marks, we can find out whether most of the phones are infected with Pegasus. This means that if an infected user reboots his phone, Pegasus-related irregularities are revealed in the shutdown.log file.

This is how iOS users avoid spyware like Pegasus

According to Kaspersky, although it is not so easy to remove Pegasus, it can still be prevented. For this you will have to follow some steps.

Reboot your iPhone device daily and clear the cache of the device.

Users should activate the lockdown mode of iOS16, which prevents spyware attacks like Pegasus.

Always keep your iPhone updated. Which will help in keeping your device safe from spyware.

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