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Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Include these skin care tips in your routine in 2024, you will see the difference in 7 days

Everyone desires glowing skin. But due to some mistakes in skin care, our skin gets damaged. For this, it is important that along with applying makeup, you must include a fixed skin care routine. You can easily do skin care by using some things kept at home.

No matter what the year is, we should always take special care of our skin. For this, it is important that we follow the skin care routine. Actually, due to increasing pollution and bad lifestyle, our skin starts looking lifeless. To make the face look glowing, we use expensive products available in the market. Some people also go to parlors and get expensive treatments done. The difference is definitely visible but this glow does not last long. After some time this glow fades. You can do skin care at home with some easy methods.

Home made skin care is always better than cosmetic products. Because chemicals are used in cosmetic products, whose daily use causes skin damage. Let us know which skin care tips you can adopt in the year 2024.

Cleanse face twice to remove makeup

Skin care routine starts with cleaning the skin. Before sleeping at night and after waking up in the morning, it is important that you clean your face. It is very important to remove makeup before sleeping at night, failing to do so can damage your skin. Therefore, to clean makeup, first use oil based cleanser. After this wash the face with foaming face wash.

Prepare DIY Face Mask

You will find many types of face masks in the market, but you can prepare face masks using some things kept at home. To make this you can use honey, curd, turmeric. You can make these face masks according to your skin. Apply face mask at least once a week.

Apply sunscreen at home too

It is most important to apply sunscreen, because nowadays the risk of skin damage due to pollution and harmful rays of the sun has increased. By applying sunscreen, a protective layer is formed on our skin which protects our skin from getting damaged. Some people say that sunscreen is applied only when we go out. But it is not so, it is necessary to apply sunscreen even when staying indoors. Do not skip this step even by mistake.

Green tea is important

Green tea is very important for our skin. With this we can prepare toner at home. Apart from this, you can include green tea in your daily routine. Green tea is rich in antioxidants which remove the problem of inflammation in the skin. By drinking green tea daily, you can also speed up the process of weight loss.

Use coconut oil

Use coconut oil in your daily skin care routine. Apart from makeup remover, hair mask, body moisturizer, you can use coconut oil in other ways. With this you can easily do foot massage at home.

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