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Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Are you troubled by stretch marks? These home remedies will help.

Stretch marks look very bad. To remove it, even the most expensive creams available in the market are not effective. In such a situation, you can get rid of stretch marks by using these things present in the house. Let us know about those remedies...

Some marks are formed on the body which we are not able to remove even if we want to. Such marks look very bad. Stretch marks are one of these marks. When some people gain weight and then lose weight, stretch marks form in some parts of the body. This problem is also seen in pregnant women. Many times women are not able to wear their favorite dress due to stretch marks. Even when wearing a saree, her stretch marks are clearly visible.

Many products are available in the market to remove stretch marks. But these do not prove to be completely effective. The cream to remove stretch marks does not suit the skin of some people, due to which they sometimes get allergic. You can get rid of stretch marks by using some things available at home. Let us know which things kept at home can help you get rid of stretch marks.

Prepare natural scrub from almonds

To reduce stretch marks, you can prepare scrubs at home using natural methods. For this, mix almond powder, sugar, coffee and coconut oil in a bowl. After this, mix them and prepare a good paste. Apply this scrub on stretch marks every day before bathing. You will see the difference within a few days.

use potato juice

Potato juice is used to remove blemishes in a natural way. Actually, potato works like a bleaching agent which is effective in lightening the blemishes. For this, mix aloe vera gel in one spoon of potato juice and apply it on the area with stretch marks. By applying this daily, the marks will gradually start becoming lighter.

Massage with castor oil

Castor oil can be used to lighten stretch marks. It also works to improve the complexion of the skin. Instead of applying castor oil directly, first heat it a little. After this, before sleeping at night, apply it on the area affected by stretch marks and massage gently. You can also use olive oil instead of castor oil.

Retinol cream is effective

You can also use retinol to reduce stretch marks. Actually, Vitamin C is found in Retinol, which can help in lightening the marks of blemishes. Apart from this, you can fulfill the deficiency of B-retinol with milk, fish, egg, curd.

use lemon peels

Lemon peel powder is used in many beauty products. It is considered effective in lightening blemishes. For this you can use lemon peel powder. Prepare a paste by mixing one spoon honey in lemon peel powder. After this, scrub it gently on the area with stretch marks.

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