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Wednesday, January 31, 2024

If you are losing weight suddenly then do not take it lightly, it can be a disease of AIDS.

Sudden weight loss can be a sign of many serious diseases, one of them is HIV AIDS, so never ignore the sudden weight loss, rather get it checked in time because with the right information, it is possible to prevent this serious disease, let us know. How.

Rajesh (name changed) was troubled by his falling weight for a long time… wherever he went, he was stopped for his falling weight. Rajesh ignored it considering it to be normal weight loss and carelessness in eating and drinking. Then came the happy day when he came to know that his wife was going to be the mother of his first child. Both husband and wife happily went to the doctor for the first checkup. In which the doctor advised her to get some important tests done, which are usually done for every couple at the beginning of pregnancy.

Test changed life

Those tests also included HIV test of both of them, which both the husband and wife got done, as soon as the report of this test came, it seemed as if their whole world had turned upside down. Because in the result of this test both of them turned out to be HIV positive.

did not lose courage

Rajesh had found the reason for his falling weight. Infectious disease specialist Dr. Neha Rastogi Panda says that the falling weight of the patient is a sign of HIV, because in case of being HIV positive, the weight of the patient suddenly falls rapidly and the patient also complains of extreme weakness and fever. Apart from this, darkening of the body and rashes on the body are also signs of HIV. Therefore, these symptoms should be taken seriously because after treatment, both Rajesh and his wife were saved from HIV and they also gave birth to a healthy child.

Do not ignore falling weight

If there is a sudden decline in your weight or a sudden increase in weight, then you should not ignore it because these can be signs of many unwanted diseases, therefore do not ignore the falling weight and definitely get an HIV test done because by identifying its signs at the right time. It is possible to avoid this.

Causes of HIV AIDS

There can be many reasons for getting HIV AIDS, hence it is important to have proper information about them.

– having unprotected sex

– Having physical relations with many people

– transfusion of HIV infected blood

– Child having HIV at birth from HIV parents

With complete information about HIV, it is possible to prevent it, if it is not treated then the problem can increase, hence do not ignore any kind of symptoms and get your HIV test and treatment done on time.

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