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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

How much power is there in chanting and mantra of Ram's name? Know what is its importance

Even before the consecration of Lord Ramlala, not only Ayodhya but the whole country has become Rammay at this time, everyone is desperate to witness this historical moment. In today's article, we are going to tell you about the power there is in chanting the name of Ram.

Lord Rama: The name of Lord Rama is considered very sacred and powerful. It is believed that by chanting the name of Ram daily, all the sorrows and pains in a person's life can end and he attains salvation after leaving the world. It is said that a person who chants the name of Ram, his emotions like pride, greed, lust, anger and hatred also end.

Know about Shri Ram Mantra

According to beliefs, the name of Lord Ram itself is a small powerful Mahamantra, just by chanting which a person starts seeing the right path. According to Hindu religion, the name of Ram is taken from the birth of a person till his death. Chanting Lord Ram teaches a person to do the right thing.

It is believed that if you chant Ram Mantra daily then all your unfulfilled wishes are fulfilled. Chanting the mantra related to Lord Ram averts any trouble at home. All the obstacles in a person's life gradually disappear. And he starts getting success in every task.

Shri Ram meditation mantra!

According to belief, this meditation mantra of Shri Ram is considered a very powerful mantra. You can chant it at any time sitting with a calm mind. This mantra protects a person from any upcoming crisis. It is said that even if there is domestic distress in the house, the person who chants this mantra gets its benefit. This mantra is as follows.

Om I bow to Sri Rama, the destroyer of calamities, the giver of all wealth, the delight of the worlds, again and again! O Sri Rama, Ramabhadra, Ramachandra, Vedhasa, Raghu, Natha and Sita, I offer my obeisances to you

Mahamantra of Lord Shri Ram – Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram Mantra”

According to religious belief, this Ram Mantra of seven words is considered to have great power. It is said that by chanting it, any major crisis that may come in a person's life is averted. By chanting this Ram Raksha Mantra, the seeker gets good fortune and happiness in his life and also gets rid of untimely death. Also, chanting this mantra never brings sorrow and trouble in a person's life. Therefore, this mantra is considered as the Mahamantra of Lord Shri Ram.

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