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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

'Dare to take risk...' When Shahrukh Khan had a clash with the director who gave continuous flops.

After 'Zero', Shahrukh Khan did not work in any film for a few years. It can be said that after this picture, King Khan was on a break. After this, Badshah made a strong comeback in 2023. Shahrukh made huge profits at the box office with 'Jawaan', 'Pathan' and 'Dinky'. Now an incident related to his film 'Zero' has come to light.

In the year 2018, Shahrukh Khan's film 'Zero' was released in theatres. The producer of this film was Shahrukh Khan. This film of King Khan could not do much at the box office. But, what was highly praised in the film were its VFX.

The budget of 'Zero' was around Rs 200 crore. There was a clash between Shahrukh and the film's director, Aanand L Rai regarding this budget. Aanand L Rai has talked about this quarrel in the interview. However, this clash was not so serious. During the conversation, shared the experience of working with Shahrukh Khan with the director. Along with this, this question was asked to the director that if he had been the producer of 'Zero', would he have invested so much money for this picture? In response to this, Aanand L Rai said that Shahrukh and him often argued about this very matter.

Shahrukh is a badshah man…

Aanand L Rai said that Shahrukh was a king and he was an ordinary man. The director himself wondered why he was investing so much money in this film. He further says that his heart is very small in these matters. The director also shared the information that the film 'Zero' is equal to about 5 films. He told that sometimes one shot was shot up to five times. Along with this, the director said that Shahrukh Khan has the courage to take risks.

Shahrukh's role in 'Zero'

Shahrukh Khan played the role of a dwarf man in this film. During the shooting, director Aanand L Rai had advised Shahrukh Khan to shoot the film in a normal manner. He said this because there were many challenges in shooting a dwarf character. The actor had rejected this offer.

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