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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

History of treasure is linked to Himachal's Kangra Fort, know interesting things related to it

Kangra Fort of Himachal is a popular tourist destination here. Its biggest feature is its interesting history which is even linked to the treasure. Tourists from both India and abroad come to see Kangra Fort. Let us tell you some interesting things about it….

Surrounded by greenery, beautiful mountains and valleys in many parts, the history of India is also very old. There are many historical buildings in the country which have very interesting facts or stories associated with them. Tourists keep coming not only from the country but also from abroad to see or know about these historical buildings. Do you know that one of these is Kangra Fort whose history is even linked to the treasure. This fort is located on the outskirts of Kangra city of Himachal, which is just 20 kilometers away from the famous tourist destination Dharamshala.

Built for thousands of years, this fort is situated near the lower valley of Beas and its tributaries. Considered to be the center of attraction of Himachal, this fort has been related to wealth or treasure. For this reason, every person who comes here is interested to know its history. Let us tell you some interesting things related to this…

Construction of Kangra Fort

It is said that it was built about 3500 years ago by Maharaja Susharma Chandra of Katoch dynasty. It is believed that he took part in the fight against the Kauravas. It is also said that the king had built this fort to fight the enemies.

There is treasure in the fort!

It is believed that an idol of a deity was installed here, in whose worship even money or jewelery was offered. The rulers believed that by doing this one would attain virtue. Due to this, a lot of wealth accumulated in this fort of Kangra.

rulers attacked

It is said that about 21 wells were built to bury this treasure. Many rulers launched attacks to loot them, including the name of Mahmud of Ghazni. After many years of trying to find the treasure, the treasure was looted from the wells. Despite this, it still remains a mystery that treasure is still present in the fort.

The fort has 11 gates and 23 bastions.

Near this fort there are temples of Lakshmi Narayan, Lord Mahavir and Ambika Devi. This fort is very big and has 11 gates. Apart from this, it is said that there are about 23 forts in it. There is a door here whose width is so much that three people can pass together and its length is about 7.5 meters. Here it is called Andheri Darwaza.

How to reach Kangra Fort

If you want to go here by flight to see Kangra Fort, then you will have to reach Dharamshala Airport. From here you can directly reach Kangra Fort by taking local transport. However, from Delhi or other places you will get a direct bus to Kangra district. It takes about 13 hours from Delhi to Kangra.

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