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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Go back to China, your headquarters is there…to whom did Nancy Pelosi say this?

Accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin of running propaganda in America, former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has demanded an investigation by the FBI. He has described the pro-Palestine protesters as working for Putin.

Former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been seen on camera telling pro-Palestine protesters outside her home to 'go back to China'. He was also heard saying that their headquarters is located there so they should go to China. This happened at a time when protesters were demanding a ceasefire in Israel's ongoing conflict with Hamas.

Protestors were seen on camera surrounding Pelosi. Pelosi was attempting to enter her parked vehicle and drive away. The protesters tried to pressure him to answer. There other members of the Democratic Party were also calling for a ceasefire. Then Pelosi was heard shouting that go back to China, that is where your headquarters is.

Putin accused of spreading propaganda

A day earlier, Pelosi had appeared on the State of the Union and told CNN that the pro-Palestine protesters who were calling for a ceasefire were linked to Russia. He also accused him of spreading propaganda of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

FBI should investigate: Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi said the call for a ceasefire for pro-Palestinian protesters is Putin's propaganda, make no mistake, this is a direct correlation to what Putin wants to see. Same is the case with Ukraine. He said that some of these protesters are simple and honest. He claims that but some of them are connected to Russia. She says that everyone has been keeping an eye on this for a long time. The FBI should investigate this.

Let us tell you that America is openly supporting Israel in the Israel-Hamas war. Many countries of the world are opposing this. Russia is supporting Palestine. The world seems divided into two parts on the Israel issue.

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