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Sunday, January 28, 2024

Child Care: Children can get this disease due to food allergy! Know how to protect yourself

Food Allergy:
Symptoms of food allergy are usually more common in children, but they can be seen at any age. Sometimes you may be allergic to things which you have been eating for many years without any problem.

Food Allergy: You must have seen many people around you that not everything they eat suits them. Some people have problem with dry fruits and some people with dairy products. Many people start having acne problems. Not only the problem of acne, people also start having stomach related problems. This condition is known as food allergy.

But have you ever wondered why food allergies occur? A recent new research has revealed that food allergy in childhood not only causes asthma but also affects the functioning of the lungs. Researchers at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute found that people who develop food allergies at an early age have an increased risk of asthma.

What is food allergy?

According to health experts, food allergy is a reaction of our immune system, which arises after eating a particular type of food. Let us tell you that even by eating small amounts of allergy causing food, symptoms start appearing immediately.

What does research say?

In this research, asthma was found in 13.7 percent children of 6 years of age. According to the research, the risk of developing asthma was almost 4 times higher in the children included in the research compared to children who did not have food allergies.

breathing problems

Along with this, breathing problems may increase in children due to food allergies during childhood. Due to obstruction in the development of lungs during childhood, problems can be seen in the heart, respiratory tract and other parts of the body.

how to protect

Health experts say that parents of children who have problems like food allergies should take special care of their child's diet. Avoid feeding those foods which may cause problems to them.

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