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Sunday, January 28, 2024

Astronauts were eating lettuce grown comfortably in space, scientists sounded 'alarm bell' regarding this

Every day some experiment is conducted in the International Space Station, so that the life of the astronauts present there can be made easier. But these days scientists have expressed concern about the salad eaten there. A study has been done regarding this. Regarding which a dangerous claim has been made.

Today man has progressed so much scientifically that he is busy solving not only the mysteries of the earth but also the mysteries of space. So that life can be made easier. This is the reason why some experiment or the other keeps happening in the International Space Station every day. So that dependence on the earth can be eliminated. A similar experiment has come into discussion in recent times. Which has surprised everyone. Actually, scientists have grown salad in an environment without gravity.

Not only were the scientists successful in their experiment, but it has now also been included in the food of NASA astronauts. By the way, a new experiment has also been done with this salad. In which it was told that lettuce grown in space can cause problems to astronauts in the future. This study has been published in Scientific Report. In which the risks associated with green leafy salad in the microgravity environment of space have been mentioned.

Why is this salad dangerous?

Let us tell you that the lettuce being grown in space for the last three years is being included in the menu of the astronauts there. Which is being prepared by making a special chamber in the special environment of a space station. In the study that has now come out regarding this, it has been claimed that the infection of bacteria in this salad happens very fast. Which can be a health hazard for astronauts.

In this study, it was found that plants growing in microgravity environment are more likely to get infected by salmonella. Now this is dangerous because the leaves do not have the facility to breathe. She is always open. Due to this, infected germs can easily enter it. This process is called stomata. However, on Earth these stomata close at night.

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