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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

This girl sneezes 12 thousand times a day, has a strange disease

There are some physical activities which are normal, that is, they happen to every human being. 
Such as sneezing, yawning and blinking. Taking a nap due to sleep is a common thing. This happens with everyone. Apart from this, sneezing is also very normal. Generally, people sneeze hardly 2-4 times a day, but sometimes when people get cold, the number of sneezing also increases, but today we will tell you about such a girl. We are going to tell you about a woman who sneezes not 10-20 or 50-100 times but 12 thousand times in a day. Yes, this is absolutely true. Actually he has a strange disease.

The name of this girl is Katelyn Thornley . Once she starts sneezing, she is unable to stop herself even if she wants to. She even has trouble reaching for a tissue because she keeps sneezing. According to the report of a website called LadyBible, Caitlin says that this strange medical condition of hers is painful, because due to constant sneezes, her whole body shakes. Sometimes she is unable to sleep and keeps sneezing the whole night.

The sneezing problem has become worse

Caitlin is a resident of Texas, America. She says that when her problem was in the initial stage, she felt that maybe the sneezing was due to some allergy or something was troubling her nose. They thought that this problem would end soon, but it never happened. His sneezing problem has now become even worse. She sneezes 20-20 times in a minute, which sometimes reaches up to 12 thousand times in a day. His problem became so serious that he even stopped going to school. So much so that she was neither able to eat properly nor drink anything.

Even doctors could not find the reason

According to reports, doctors at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston tried to get to the bottom of his strange sneezing condition and its cause, but they too were surprised by this unique case. They investigated in every way, but could not find the reason for Caitlin's sneezing. Then in September 2015, when Caitlin's story came in front of the whole world, a group of six doctors tried to understand why she was sneezing so much, but alas, they too could not find out the reason. Caitlin is still suffering from this sneezing problem, because neither has she been able to find out its reason nor has anyone been able to cure it.

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