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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Crackdown on more than 100 websites like 'How to earn from home', Central Government blocks them

The central government has decided to block more than a hundred websites which are involved in fraud and cheating customers in the name of part time. 
This action has been taken jointly by I4C and MEITY i.e. Messrs of Electronics and Information Technology of the Home Ministry. All these websites are misleading people. Through these, people were lured into earning money sitting at home. Generally, links to such misleading websites can be seen on various online platforms. People are lured into clicking it.

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has blocked these misleading websites under the Information Technology Act 2000. The government says that investigation of these websites has revealed that financial fraud was carried out on a large scale through them. Shocking facts have also come to light that the earnings through these were sent out of India using card networks, crypto currency, foreign ATM withdrawals and international fintech companies.

Crackdown on which sites?

Last week itself, I4C and the Union Home Ministry had identified more than a hundred websites which were doing fraud business by luring people into the web of illusion. Most of these frauds were committed in the name of part-time work while sitting at home. These websites give people some tasks and motivate them to make wrong investments to earn double.

Many sites even give the promise of chatting with celebrities. After that the link to connect was given on WhatsApp and Telegram. Complaints have been made to the government several times regarding these sites. Among the more than a hundred websites that have been blocked, there are 'jobs from home', 'how to earn from home' etc. Unemployed youth and housewives easily fall prey to such sites.

Government's cyber safe campaign

Cyber ​​Safe India campaign is being run vigorously under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and guidance of Union Home Minister Amit Shah. In order to strengthen Digital India, the crackdown has been tightened on fake and misleading online platforms many times before. In view of the increasing incidents of online fraud, this action is one of the major priorities of the Home Ministry.

The government's effort is to curb cyber crime and protect people from cyber threats. The government has repeatedly run campaigns advising common citizens to beware of such fraudsters. Keep your bank accounts and social media profiles secure.

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