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Monday, December 25, 2023

Is there confusion between the symptoms of JN.1 variant of Corona and common flu? Identify the difference like this


Covid new variant Symptoms: Covid virus is once again becoming a threat to the whole world. Active cases of Corona are increasing every day. Covid cases are increasing in the country due to the new sub-variant JN.1 of Corona. Meanwhile, cases of flu are also coming in the winter season. The symptoms of flu and JN.1 variants are almost similar. In such a situation, it is becoming difficult to identify the difference between them. Let us know from experts how we can identify the difference between them.

Dr. Ankit Gupta at AIIMS, New Delhi says that cases of flu are reported every year during this winter season. This problem happens to any person of any age. In some cases, there is a risk of pneumonia due to flu symptoms. Such problem is seen more in children.

As far as the symptoms of flu are concerned, body ache and fever occur due to flu. Fever can be both mild and severe. Most people recover from flu in two to three days. Problems like nasal congestion and runny nose also occur during flu.

Characteristics of the new variant JN.1

Dr. Ankit explains that the symptoms of the new Covid variant JN.1 are almost like flu, but in some cases the patient may have trouble breathing. People who are above 60 years of age and who already have a serious illness are at risk of this problem.

when to get tested

If you have common cough, cold and fever then it could be flu. If it is getting cured on its own in two to three days, then it is not necessary to get tested, but if you have recently come in contact with a person infected with Covid and you are experiencing flu symptoms, then go to the hospital and get a Covid test done. Should take.

Covid cases are increasing

Covid cases in the country are increasing every day for the last 10 days. The number of active cases is also continuously increasing. More than 90 percent of Covid cases in the country are coming from Kerala. The new variant of Covid JN.1 was also first reported in Kerala in the country. Covid cases have been increasing in Kerala for the last 15 days.

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