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Monday, December 4, 2023

Do you believe in these myths related to wrinkles or freckles?

Wrinkles Myth: Women want to look young even after the age of 50. For this she adopts many remedies. But despite this, wrinkles still appear on the face. There are many misconceptions among people regarding wrinkles which we will clear today.

Wrinkles are inevitable with increasing age, it is almost impossible to stop them. Some people are very cautious about their skin and keep trying some remedies to keep it better. To avoid wrinkles, he takes special care of his skin regularly, so that wrinkles do not appear on his skin quickly. Everyone has different ideas about wrinkles and they choose their skin care accordingly.

He also uses many creams and serums to avoid wrinkles. But many people have some misconceptions regarding this due to which they make mistakes in skin care and their skin gets damaged. To avoid wrinkles, it is important that you know the truth related to it and what is true and what is rumour.

Do wrinkles come from threading?

Many people believe that frequent threading causes wrinkles. While getting threading done, they have to keep the area around the threading tight so that threading can be done easily and they have less pain. But at the same time, some women feel that frequent threading can cause the skin in that area to become loose, which can lead to wrinkles on their face.

Facial is also the cause of wrinkles!

During facial, various chemicals are applied on women's skin and massage is done. This improves the blood circulation of the face and makes the skin glowing. But some women shy away from getting a facial done, they feel that creams containing these chemicals will damage their skin and will also cause premature wrinkles on their face. Actually, there is no problem in getting a facial done once or twice a month.

Wrinkles come from creams containing chemicals!

Women definitely apply cream in their everyday life, along with this they fear that applying it daily will spoil their face and soon fine lines and wrinkles will start appearing on the face. But this is absolutely a myth, your skin will get worse by not applying the cream.

Wrinkles appear due to applying makeup!

Wrinkles start occurring due to sun damage and reduced collagen production in the body. Some people have this dilemma that applying makeup can increase the problem of wrinkles on their skin, but it is not so, rather makeup works to hide the wrinkles on the face.

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