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Monday, December 4, 2023

23 year old girl gave her heart to a 62 year old man, said - this is love at first sight

It is often said about love that it neither sees age nor appearance; this is why you must have heard many strange stories about love. One such love story has come to light in recent times. You will be stunned to know about this because here a 23 year old girl gave her heart to a 62 year old man.

Love relationship is very special in life. When this heart belongs to someone then life becomes his/her only. Sometimes the stories of love are so strange that people are stunned to hear them. Sometimes couples are so strange that you will be stunned to know the age difference. The story of one such pair is in discussion among people these days. Knowing about which you will say that you will not be able to understand what is their relationship.

We are talking about 23 year old Willow and 62 year old David, they met on simple Tinder and then both of them met each other. After this, both of them started dating each other despite the age gap of 40 years. However, it is a different matter that when both of them go out on the road, people consider them less as a couple and more as grandfather and granddaughter and they are made fun of.

people say the wrong thing

Let us tell you that while Willow is a model, David is a real estate developer in North Carolina. The surprising thing is that both of them felt such a connection in the first meeting that they did not take much time to make their relationship official. After this both of them spent a lot of time with each other. Gave. They started traveling together and went on luxurious holidays to different places in the world.

Talking about David, Willow said that even though he is older, he still has the energy of a 15-year-old boy. To match this he has to work very hard. Let us tell you that when she reached Truly's program Love Don't Judge, she told that this age gap does not matter to her. Many people troll them by calling me sugar baby and David sugar daddy. Although this does not matter to us, we are quite happy in our lives.

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