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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Xi Jinping: Please have faith, don't stop coming to China, Jinping kneels down in America


China America Relatioship: The tension in the relations between China and America is not hidden from anyone. America considers every action of China in the South China Sea as a provocative step. So regarding Quad, China believes that America is trying to surround it. Amidst all this, when Xi Jinping reached America to participate in Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, it was expected that the ice between the two countries would melt. Politically, China did not get any trust from America. But outside APEC, when Xi Jinping was addressing the American business community, his words seemed as if he had surrendered before America.

The answer to whether this kind of change in Xi Jinping's behavior is artificial or natural lies in the future. But when he mentioned the Zero Sum Game, Flying Tiger, an incident in Iowa, he was giving some message to the American business community. Perhaps they have realized that it is not easy to move forward without America or by messing with America. At the beginning of his speech he said that we want to become America's ally and friend. 

'Why should we become rivals?'

Generally, when there is a conversation between two heads of state, the agenda is very tight. But when the head of state presents himself in front of the business community, the style changes. In his speech, Xi Jinping reminded how close China's relations with America have been. He said that whether you are a rival or a friend, you will have to pay attention to the basics to give direction to bilateral relations. If we see each other only as our biggest rivals, it will result in wrong policies. We will do wrong things and the consequences will also be wrong. 

Zero Sum Game, Flying Tiger, mention of Iowa

Xi Jinping said that we should not get involved in the zero sum game. In this kind of game, one wins at the expense of the other. China has not done anything in which America has suffered loss. Not only this, we never tried to interfere in the internal affairs of America. The biggest thing is that we neither want to challenge America nor remove it from the global arena. We are happy that America is moving forward with trust, openness and prosperity. We want America to look at China in the same light and respect our stability and prosperity. While praising America, he also mentioned the Flying Tigers during World War II. He told how American pilots had helped us in the fight against Japan. Referring to an incident from Iowa about four decades ago, he told how he had spent time with an American family. For them, that is the real America.

American business community opinion

On this kind of speech by Xi Jinping, the stalwarts of America's business community agreed that this is a good thing for both the countries, but the question is whether the things which Jinping was saying on American soil will he implement after reaching Beijing. Primavera Capital Group CEO Fred Hu's reaction to Chinese President Xi's speech is worth noting. He said that such a sense of insecurity has been seen in a Chinese head of state for the first time since 1978. After the Cultural Revolution, China improved its economic system. But isolated himself from the rest of the world. You can proceed on a particular policy in a particular period of time. However, how can you ignore the fact that the world is changing rapidly and you cannot isolate yourself. If Xi Jinping really wants to make America better than other countries, then he will have to make fundamental changes in his thinking.

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