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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Women Health: Do not ignore period related problems, definitely get this test done

Ignoring period related problems can lead to serious diseases in the future. Therefore, instead of ignoring other problems related to irregular menstrual cycle and periods, some basic tests should be done so that the true cause can be found out and treatment or prevention can be done in time.

Women often ignore minor problems related to their own health. Especially when the problem is related to periods, even today women shy away from sharing it with anyone. However, doing this sometimes leads to serious problems, hence one should try to pay attention to every small problem related to periods. If you are struggling with problems like irregular period cycle (changing dates of menstruation), irregular bleeding, vaginal discharge, then it is necessary to immediately consult a doctor and get necessary tests done, so that the reason behind it can be found out.

Period is a natural and normal process that occurs in every woman, but the problems related to it can be different in every woman. Therefore, if any abnormal symptoms are seen then some basic tests must be done.

get thyroid function test done

Sometimes your period cycle can also become irregular due to thyroid disorder, because thyroid problems occur due to hormonal fluctuations. Apart from this, thyroid can affect your health in many ways. Therefore get thyroid function test done.

Get your insulin level tested

If the insulin level in your body becomes unbalanced then it can affect your period cycle. Period related problems are often seen in women suffering from Type 1 and Type 2. Therefore, if your period cycle is irregular, get your insulin level tested.

testosterone level test

When testosterone level increases in women's body, periods can become irregular. Due to increase in the level of this hormone, women suffer from PCOS i.e. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, due to which lumps can also form in the ovaries.

prolactin serum test

Apart from irregular period cycle, if there is a problem of white discharge from the breast even without pregnancy, then prolactin serum test should be done. Increase in prolactin levels can cause irregular menstruation and affect fertility.

It is important to improve lifestyle

Your unhealthy lifestyle can also be the reason behind period related problems. Therefore, improve your daily routine, like sleeping on time and waking up on time, taking a healthy diet, doing light exercise or yoga daily. Also, stay away from unhealthy things like junk food, spicy and fried food.

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