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Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Pollution can cause this dangerous skin disease, symptoms look like this

Due to increasing air pollution and wrong eating habits, there is a risk of many diseases. People are suffering from respiratory diseases due to pollution. There is also a risk of skin diseases due to pollution. Today we will tell you about one such skin disease. We are going to tell you about it, which causes severe itching.

If you are having any allergy on the external parts of your body and you are itching again and again in front of people, then it reduces your self-confidence. Almost all skin diseases cause itching due to which you feel troubled as well as embarrassed. The skin disease about which we are going to tell you today is the disease of urticaria, which is also called the disease of hives and red rashes.

Red marks appear on the body of a patient suffering from this disease, which look very bad and also cause a lot of itching. Experts also consider bad eating habits and air pollution as the causes of this disease. What are the initial symptoms of this disease? 

Who gets this disease?

Dr. Soumya Sachdeva says that although the disease of urticaria can happen to anyone, but children and people between 20 years to 40 years are more at risk from this disease.

Symptoms of disease?

Dr. Sachdeva says that wrong eating habits are directly related to this disease. In this disease, first of all red rashes appear on the skin in which the patient feels severe itching. Sometimes these rashes go away on their own, but if they do not go away then definitely consult a dermatologist.

Is the disease related to pollution?

Dr. Soumya tells that if you already have any allergic disease, then your disease can worsen due to pollution. Therefore, try to wear a mask and drink plenty of water so that there is minimal damage to your body parts.

Skin diseases are genetic

Dr. says that if someone in your family already has allergy problem, then it can happen to you too. To prevent this, you will have to pay attention to its symptoms. In case of red rashes and itching on the skin, consult a doctor once. If anyone in the family already has any skin disease, then tell the doctor about this also.

How to prevent disease?

The doctor says that if you are allergic to any food item then do not eat it. Also use mask during pollution. Keep this in mind because dust and soil can increase allergies.

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