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Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Dengue cases are increasing this month, this variant is becoming fatal, learn prevention methods from the doctor.

Dengue cases are increasing rapidly in Delhi. Due to dengue, the condition of some patients also becomes serious. Dengue causes shock syndrome. This is a serious disease. There is also a risk of death due to shock syndrome. In such a situation, prevention from it is necessary. Let us know from the doctor.

The month of November has arrived in North India and mild winter has knocked. Since the first week of this month, most of the patients coming to the hospital are suffering from dengue. Former Secretary of the Indian Medical Association, Dr. Anil Goyal, while talking to said that the most worrying thing is that a lot of dengue shock syndrome patients are coming. He said that the problem is that such patients, if they come in time. If you do not reach the hospital, the chances of survival are less.

What is shock syndrome?

Dr. Anil Goyal told that there are three main forms of dengue, for example, first dengue fever, in which the patient gets high fever and after some physical problems, the patient soon recovers. Dengue fever also causes dengue hemorrhagic fever. This is the second dangerous form of dengue. He said that the third and most dangerous form of dengue is dengue shock syndrome in which the patient's condition worsens very quickly.

What are the symptoms of shock syndrome?

If a dengue patient starts experiencing severe shivering and sweating along with high fever, then this is considered to be the first primary symptom of shock syndrome. Other symptoms of shock syndrome include red rashes on the body. This rash is deeper than dengue fever, and after a short time it starts itching, the pulse keeps falling and the patient also starts losing consciousness. .

If the patient develops shock syndrome

According to Dr. Anil Goyal, if a patient suffers from shock syndrome then it is a serious condition. In this, severe plasma leakage and severe bleeding starts. In such a situation, the patient immediately goes on ventilator. In many cases, cardiac arrest occurs and the patient dies immediately.

This syndrome has returned after five years

Dr. Anil Goyal said that as far as shock syndrome is concerned, it has returned in Delhi after five years. If we talk about the last few years, cases of simple dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever were seen. He said that the problem this time is that suddenly cases of the most dangerous variant of dengue are being seen. In which deaths are increasing.

double shock of pollution

On one hand, patients are suffering from dengue and on the other hand, the level of pollution in Delhi has made the climate deadly. Dr. Anil Goyal said that the fine particles of PM particle come out of the lungs and enter the blood. A patient already suffering from a dangerous disease like dengue goes into comorbid condition. From where it becomes very difficult to get out.

Mosquito protection is the best solution

Dr. Anil Goyal told that the easiest way to avoid dengue is to protect oneself from mosquitoes. He said that full sleeve clothes should be used especially. Mosquito net should be used while sleeping at night. Water should not be allowed to freeze in homes. Along with this, liquids should be used in food.

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