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Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Not only Katrina-Rashmika, you can also be a victim of Deepfake, how to avoid this deception?

Rashmika Mandanna Recent Video: After Rashmika Mandanna, Tiger 3 actress Katrina Kaif has become the latest victim of Deepfake technology. An edited version shows her wearing a low-cut white top instead of a towel. To ensure that you too do not fall into such a trap, follow the tips given here.

Another example of deepfake is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Famous actress Katrina Kaif has become the new victim of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based deepfake technology. A new version has been created through AI by tampering with the towel fight scene of his upcoming film Tiger 3. Katrina is seen in a low-cut white top instead of a towel, which is completely fake. Earlier, Pushpa's lead actress Rashmika Mandanna became a victim of deepfake. A deepfake video of his lift went viral.

Generative AI has made it very easy to create such fake and edited deepfake photo-videos. Anyone can create this kind of fake content in a jiffy. After Rashmika's edited video came out, even superstar Amitabh Bachchan has expressed threat towards deepfake technology. Even Rashmika herself, while posting on social media, has described it as quite scary. At present, there has been no reaction from Katrina.

You can also be a victim

There are continuous complaints regarding misuse of deepfake technology. Not only celebrities or leaders, but common people can also become its victims. In such a situation, we must take some precautionary measures to protect ourselves, so that we do not fall into the trap of such technology. Let us first know what deepfake technology is.

Deepfake: What is deepfake technology?

Deepfake means photos, videos, audios created with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Actually, deepfake content is completely fake, but it looks absolutely real. Through this you can fit another person in place of one person. You would think that a particular person is doing that work, or is in some position, but in reality that person is not there, nor does he have anything to do with that incident.

Deepfake photo has been generated by editing Katrina Kaif's towel scene. (Credit: X)

The biggest danger of deepfake is that it can easily spread wrong information in the society. It becomes very difficult for people to differentiate between real and fake.

Avoid deepfake like this

Anyone can become a victim of deepfake. To enmity you, anyone can make your deepfake photo or video viral. It is clear that such possibilities cannot be ruled out. Therefore, these tips can help you avoid falling into the trap of deepfakes.

To avoid deepfakes, you have to keep your online presence to a minimum. This means that social media platforms should be used with caution. Continuously posting photos and videos can put you in danger. Therefore, keep social media accounts private instead of public and use strong passwords.

If an incident like deepfake happens to you, immediately lodge a complaint with the police or cyber cell. Under the IT Act, 2000, posting anything online by impersonating someone is a crime. Doing so can result in a fine of at least Rs 1 lakh and also jail sentence.

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