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Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Google Lens will make these 4 tasks easier, know how it works

If you turn to Google for every small and big information, then this information can also make your work a lot easier. Here we will tell you 4 such features and benefits of Google Lens which you will be surprised to know. These features of Google Lens can save a lot of your time and make it easier.

Many times we come across some things about which we do not know, so we often go to Google. Google can solve almost all the problems of the users, Google has the answer to every question. To use Google and get the right answers from it, you should know some things. Well, today we will talk about Google Lens, know here how this tool works and how it can make your work easier.

Google Lens: Capabilities

Google Lens provides a set of vision-based computing capabilities that lets you copy or translate text (including photos), identify plants and animals, places, or menus. You can do many other things like exploring, product search, similar image search etc.

How to search image from image on Google

For this, first go there and select the image whose same image you want to see. Press and hold the image, here you will see the option of Search Google Lens. Scroll down to see similar search results.

Copy and translate text

It is easy to copy text and translate it but it is difficult to copy text from an image or paper cutting. But you can do it easily with the help of Google Lens. For this you do not have to do anything, just select it and long press on the image or right click and click on Serve with Google Lens. After doing this, you will be shown the option of Text, copy, translate. You can select as per your need. From here you can copy text and also translate it.

Identification of animals and plants

Select or click your photo. Click on the Google Lens icon at the bottom of the screen, now you can see the details of that animal or plant.

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