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Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Health Tips: Loneliness can turn into depression! Don't ignore these signs

Today, there is an increase in cases of loneliness across the world, from the elderly to the youth and teenagers. There may be personal, professional and social reasons behind this, which is a matter of concern. The symptoms of loneliness should not be ignored, otherwise this problem can become serious.

The problem of loneliness i.e. social isolation is being seen more and more among people all over the world these days. Especially the elderly are increasingly becoming its victims. According to a recent WHO report, one in four elderly people is a victim of loneliness, although youth and teenagers are also not untouched by this. In times of competition, there are many reasons like increasing work pressure or feeling of insecurity about lagging behind in professional and personal life which can increase loneliness. It is important to pay attention to its symptoms in time, otherwise the situation can become serious and the person can also become a victim of depression.

It is common for a person struggling with loneliness to see some symptoms, which should not be ignored so that the problem can be prevented from becoming serious in time. Know the symptoms of loneliness and some ways to prevent it.

poor sleep patterns

People who are struggling with loneliness may have changes in their sleep patterns, such as not being able to sleep properly at night or feeling sleepy all the time. However, there can be many other reasons behind this, like lack of nutrients or any other health problem. In all these situations the signs should not be ignored.

trying to keep oneself always busy with work

Due to the problem of loneliness, people often feel less energy in the body and are not able to concentrate completely on any work. However, people struggling with loneliness also try to keep themselves excessively busy.

Being away from people and increasing screen time

People who suffer from loneliness start feeling uncomfortable among people and that is why they shy away from talking and asking for help. Instead of social life, these people start spending more time on social media and may often appear sad.

These symptoms can also be seen

If we talk about people who are victims of loneliness, then problems like loss of appetite, weight loss, feeling of restlessness, headache, stomach ache can also be seen in them. Therefore, attention should be paid to mental as well as physical symptoms.

How to protect yourself from loneliness

To avoid loneliness, spend time among family and friends. You can plan a trip somewhere for this. Apart from this, start focusing on your hobbies, like dancing, music, singing, cooking, gardening, artwork or any other favorite work. Make sure to take out some time for meditation and yoga in your daily routine. Get out of your busy schedule and spend some time amidst nature. Even if symptoms are felt then expert advice should be taken.

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