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Friday, November 3, 2023

Diabetes Care: Diabetes during pregnancy can be no less than a major challenge for women. During this period, it is important for pregnant women to take care of themselves as well as the child in the womb. So let us try to know from health experts what diabetic women should eat during pregnancy.

Diabetes In Pregnancy: Diabetes is an incurable disease, which is the result of poor eating habits and lifestyle. Diabetic patients often need to take special care of exercise and eating habits. Especially, if a pregnant woman has the problem of diabetes, then she needs to take more care of herself. For women, this is a time during which mental and emotional changes can occur in them.

Therefore, along with taking care during pregnancy, they should also get the right nutrients in their diet. We talked to Dr. Sabine Kapasi, Public Health Leader at UNDAC, about what nutrients women need during pregnancy. Dr. Sabine, who is working as a public health leader at United Nations Vienna, says that during pregnancy, diabetic women have to take care of themselves as well as the child. Diabetes during pregnancy affects the mother as well as the child. Let us know from our experts what diabetic women should eat and what things should be kept in mind during this period.

balanced diet

A new mother facing the problem of diabetes should take a balanced diet. They should include complex carbohydrates, lean proteins and healthy fats in their diet. This food combination helps in controlling blood sugar.

fiber rich food

To keep diabetes under control, include high fiber foods like whole grains, vegetables and legumes. Fiber slows down the absorption of glucose and helps maintain stable blood sugar. New mothers should take at least 25 grams of fiber daily.

stay hydrated

Women often are not able to drink enough water during pregnancy. But to control glucose it is important to keep yourself hydrated. Drinking adequate amounts of water helps flush out excess glucose from the bloodstream. New mom should drink at least 8-10 cups of water daily.

Dr. Sabine Kapasi says that along with a healthy diet, it is also important to do regular workouts so that diabetes can be managed. Along with this, women suffering from diabetes should include workouts prescribed by the doctor to improve insulin resistance in the body.

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