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Saturday, November 4, 2023

Desire to become a super power, what does China want to achieve from Israel-Hamas war?

Amidst the Israel-Hamas war, China is trying to expand its footprint in the Middle East. This is a major reason for not calling Hamas' attack on Israel a terrorist attack. On the other hand, the US's strong stance with Israel is detrimental to its relations with Arab countries, and it provides a blank space for China. Let us understand how?

It has been more or less a month since the Israel-Hamas war. The Israeli army has entered Gaza with the intention of eliminating Hamas fighters. Bombings are happening everywhere in the entire city. If anyone is standing strongly with Israel, it is America, which is currently strongly against the ceasefire in Gaza. China has also entered this war, which is trying to establish itself as a global superpower and champion of developing countries.

China's recent diplomatic initiatives and its statements on war are part of its agenda to mediate a solution to the current crisis. Amidst the war, Chinese diplomat Wang Yi also reached America where he met Foreign Minister Antony Blinken. During his visit, he indicated that China is committed to working with America to advance peace initiatives in the Middle East. He also spoke to Israeli and Palestinian leaders. China is among the countries that are advocating for implementation of ceasefire in Gaza. Let us understand what China wants to achieve from the Israel-Hamas war?

China's relations with Israel and Palestinians

In the last few years, there have been many changes in China's relations with Israel and Palestinians. China sided with the Palestinians and Arab countries in the 1960s and sent aid to Palestinian fighters. However, after the death of Mao Zedong in 1976, China adopted a more balanced stance and tried to maintain good relations with both sides. This policy gradually changed under President Xi Jinping, who has sought to pressure Arab countries and position China as a mediator between Israel and the Palestinians.

China's stance on Israel-Gaza war

China has tried to adopt a neutral stance on the Israel-Hamas war. While avoiding direct condemnation of Hamas for the attacks, China specifically criticized Israel over civilian casualties. Also continuously appealing for ceasefire. China recognizes the two-state formula and supports the rights of the Palestinian people. However, China has never said that a two-state should be created according to the 1967 border, which the Arab countries are continuously repeating. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has always condemned excessive use of force and targeting of civilians.

China's desire in the Middle East

China's involvement in the Middle East is continuously increasing, which reflects its intention to combine political influence with its economic interests. By getting involved in the Israel-Gaza war, China aims to strengthen relations with Arab countries. Since China sees itself as a global power. He has his eyes on America's 'super power' tag.

By taking the peace initiative in this war and establishing itself as a leader, China wants to establish its identity as a super power in the world. By not openly criticizing Hamas, China wants to strengthen its relations with Arab countries. Along with this, it wants to emphasize its role as a super power. China has also promised to provide humanitarian aid to Gaza, further strengthening its position in the region.

What do Israel-Palestine say on China's stance?

China has economic interests in maintaining good relations with Israel. However, he accuses Western countries of oppressing Palestinians. China talks about the interests of Palestine. Since the beginning of the war, it has been advocating for peace in Gaza and appealing to Israel to end the war. Israel also criticized China for this.

Israel also openly criticized China in the United Nations for not declaring Hamas a terrorist organization. China also does not support Israel's catchphrase of 'self-defense', but says that "all countries have the right to self-defense." With this diplomacy, he made it clear that he respects the interests of Palestine, so that a positive message towards it is sent to the Arab countries.

China facilitated talks between Saudi Arabia and Iran

Earlier this year, China helped broker a recent agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia to normalize relations after a seven-year diplomatic rift. China is a major economic partner of many Arab countries. It has close relations with Iran and also has good relations with Saudi Arabia.

Actually, China is trying to establish itself as a peacemaker. He had also expressed his peace agenda in the Russia-Ukraine war. The talks between the war between Saudi Arabia and Iran are the result of China's mediation. Xi Jinping also met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and hosted Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in China.

America's open support to Israel, blank space for China

One thing to be noted is that the Middle East and especially the Gulf countries have suffered a lot of torture from America and Western countries. There is a long history of American involvement in the Middle East. It has the best relations with Israel, to protect which it has deployed its heavy and deadly weapons in the Middle East. Apart from these, assistance worth more or less 15 billion dollars has also been announced, which also includes military aid. Besides, it has also turned a blind eye to Israeli bombs being dropped on civilians. There is also increasing discord among Arab countries towards America, which provides a big blank space for China.

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